Where was the #ThisIsACoup hashtag when a violent coup d’etat was taking place in Ukraine?

The Chief of CIA think tank Stratfor called it the “Most Blatant Coup in History”.

We have Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt on tape, (yes on freaking tape) handpicking Ukraine’s next leaders…who coincidently ended up becoming Ukraine’s next leaders.

We have John McCain at the Maidan making speeches to crowds, and consulting with Right Sector neo-nazi muscle. A US Senator took the stage in a foreign country to support an uprising. Think about that for a second.

mccain ukraine

Nuland passed out cookies to protestors on the street. A US State Department employee and US Ambassador in the middle of a protest in another country passing out treats. Think about that for a second.

nuland cookies

CIA Director John Brennan secretly, under an assumed name, was in Kiev during the coup to lend his support to Right Sector, neo-nazi elements, and squash dissent in the East. The White House speaker Jay Carney confirmed this!

A deal was brokered by the EU and democratically elected President Yanukovych, to have early elections and end the violence. That deal was later broken by the EU, all in 24 hours.

This is the very same EU that has sickened the entire world for how they have bullied and punished Greece.

This is the very same EU that has imposed sanctions on Russia at the expense of their own citizen’s well being.

This is the very same EU that bombed Libya, called for regime change in the Former Republic of Macedonia, and is currently training Right Sector forces in Lviv.

Why should anyone believe Merkel when she speaks of “Russian aggression” and “Russian invasions”, while providing no evidence of such claims.

Just this week Merkel showed us what “German aggression” looks like when dealing with another European Union member state…a partner and peer in the EU family of nations.

And yet, while the Greek crisis is a financial coup that deserves the #ThisIsACoup hashtag and global outrage, we had a political coup a little over a year ago that has destroyed a nation, killed thousands, and brought us to the brink of all out super power war…and not one hashtag to protest what took place in the Maidan.

Despite all the overwhelming evidence…recordings, photos, videos, and disturbing US government live appearances on stage and on the ground…social justice warriors remained silent, and comfortably blamed it all on Putin.

It’s a bizarre social media world, that makes zero sense.

How about these hashtags to right some past wrongs…

#ThereWasACoupInUkraine #StopSupportingMSM #BoycottUSA #SupportDonbass…and #FuckTheEU.

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Faith Chatskiy
Faith Chatskiy
July 15, 2015

Nuland, John McCain,Pyatt were there to support and cultivate nazism in Ukraine. The USA creates disasters after disasters all over the World

#ThisIsACoup is trending all over the world. #StopBuyingGerman and #BoycottGermany picking up momentum

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