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The Worst Security Breach Since The War Of 1812?

That phrase or variations thereof – the worst attack on the Capitol, etc – was parroted incessantly by leading Democrats and their media poodles in the aftermath of the so-called insurrection of January 6. An insurrection that saw someone walk off with Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, another dude putting his feet up on her desk, and another…well, take a look at the photograph at the top of this page. This guy is the self-styled Shaman. Are we really expected to liken this lunacy to the storming of the Bastille, or Hitler’s notorious Beer Hall Putch of November 1923?

There have in fact been many far more serious security breaches in Washington D.C., but one merits special mention, the March 1, 1954 attack within the building which resulted in five Congressmen being shot; one was seriously injured, but fortunately all recovered. As might be expected, all are now long dead. The first to die was Alvin Morell Bentley III. The Republican Congressman, who was shot in the chest, died in 1961 aged just fifty. His injury undoubtedly contributed to shortening his life. But who were the failed assassins?

They were four Puerto Rican separatists, and like the victims are now all dead, although Rafael Miranda, the youngest by far, died only last year aged ninety. Lolita Lebrón was the sole female member of this terror cell; she too died aged ninety, in 2010.

Footage of the aftermath is extant. This short video by British Pathé (which has been archived) confuses Congressmen with Senators but reports on the immediate arrest of three of the perpetrators and the later arrest of the fourth terrorist, Irvin Flores. As might be expected, they all received heavy sentences, which were commuted by Jimmy Carter after they had spent the best part of a quarter of a century behind bars.

The Democrats are currently pushing for Puerto Rico to be made the fifty-second state, or the fifty-first if their scheme to make Washington D.C. a state should fail. Should they succeed or come close to succeeding, it would be ironic if Puerto Rican separatists should mount another or similar attack on Washington or elsewhere.  Rest assured, if this does happen, the perpetrators will not be reviled anything like as much as those who marched on the Capitol last January to protest against what they rightly believe was a real insurrection, the stealing of the 2020 election by an overt conspiracy of Deep State, Big Tech, and Democratic Party actors.

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May 25, 2021

PR has far more legitimacy as a state than D.C., statehood for which the founders explicitly avoided and warned against.

Carol Hardison
Carol Hardison
May 26, 2021

Why give these clown actors such notoriety. They are nothing but hooligan traitors. Probably not even born in the United States. Take the garbage and shove it.

Colin Smith
Colin Smith
May 27, 2021
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This was an unruly mob. They had no leadership. Once inside they had no idea what to do. They even kept between the ropes. This was no coup, No Revolution. They were just an unruly mob. For some reason the police were pulled. Which points to deliberation on the part of the part of the government.

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