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The Western media’s parallel world

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

We need to be careful as we enter into a brave new world, conspicuous by the discarded foundations that humanity toiled centuries to build.

We have callously discarded the sword of truth and justice to the annals of history and instead, have cheaply replaced them with a world ruled, by those who can scream the longest and loudest.

This new world seems to run parallel to the world we live in and the one, we are expected to comply and acquiesce.

This new world is steered and shepherded by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and, where policy is decided in the Court of Public Opinion.

It is fuelled, inspired and controlled by unelected jackals, whose only goal is subservience to their masters and, the propagation of false information, designed to grow their ever expanding bottom line.

Civil society in almost every nation of the world, embraces a general consensus; that individuals have the right to a fair trial, to face their accusers, and be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Indeed, this is the cornerstone of Law and Freedom in all of our Democracy’s.

However, this is not the standard in this parallel world. In the media’s Court of Public Opinion, no truth is needed, there is no Fifth Amendment, just a chorus of carefully scripted, loud and repetitive voices.

What is troubling and increasingly worrisome, is that this parallel world has apparently crossed the threshold of innuendo and bluster and morphed into the spirit and consciousness of our Western world leaders!

The examples are numerous and this article cannot pretend to cover them all.

However, anyone paying attention, can see the shocking displays of the US and NATO Government Ministers, abusing their position and historical relevance, by making outlandish accusations of Russian War Crimes without producing any evidence whilst hypocritically carrying out identical bombings themselves in Mosul.

Russia, Syria, Iran, and Presidents Putin and Assad, are continually vilified over and over again without any evidence ever produced to back up the accusers’ claims.

There are two basic methods in play here.

The first is the circular argument. This can best be illustrated by the MH-17 tragedy.

The downing of MH-17 was blamed on Russia within hours by US leaders without ever presenting evidence.

We were assured by John Kerry and President Obama that their satellite data was comprehensive and absolute but that data could never be released because it was “classified”.

The merry minstrels who are made up of other Western Leaders,quickly joined in the chorus of blaming Russia and vilifying Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Australia’s Prime Minister embarrassingly threatened to “Shirtfront” Putin on his upcoming visit to Brisbane.

However, when Abbott graced reality, he chose instead to shake Putin’s hand.

This example shines a light on the shameless actions of these so called Western leaders.

Their baseless claims delivered an immediate verdict of Guilty!  A verdict supported by hidden information we can never see and presented by corporately funded politicians who are proven liars.

If we ask for proof or evidence, the circular form of the argument takes shape: “we can’t, it’s classified!”

The other method used to frame a country or leader is straight out accusatory.

An example is the recent bombing of a UN Humanitarian Convoy that produced an Oscar winning performance by the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power who within hours of the bombing accused Russia without presenting a shred of evidence.

Russia, quite rightly, called for an independent UN investigation.   However by then the genie had been let out of the bottle.  If a UN investigation ever takes place – which is unlikely – it will take months, and by that time the false accusations will have gained traction and will have already been used to influence military policy.

In the case of the bombing of the humanitarian convoy all the indications in fact point to the attack having been carried out by people on the ground instead of through the falsely claimed airstrike because there was no tell-tale bomb crater typical of that left by an air to ground bomb or missile.

The only people in the vicinity of the convoy at the time of the attack and who were armed and capable of destroying it were the Al Nusra terrorists. 

Embedded with those Al Nusra terrorists are, members of the western backed White Helmets.  They are a counterfeit civil defence group who the US uses to tap the majority of their ‘on ground’ intelligence and whose allegiance is murky at best. Their leader – Raed Saleh – was actually refused entry into the US this year, apparently because he was on an FBI terrorist watch list.  Regardless, the US still funds his group to the tune of $22 million.

This odious relationship gives the US ‘political accountability’.   When their baseless accusations against Russia are eventually proven false, they can blame the White Helmets for feeding them false intelligence.

The scary reality the world now faces is how quickly these childish slurs quickly morph into apparent fact and then – before we know it – are used to shape policy.

The pattern is now predictable.  The US delivers baseless accusations against Syria or Russia or their leaders.  The same scripted rhetoric is then repeated ad nauseum like a harmonised chorus by other Western leaders.  These false claims are then echoed hourly by the media and, like a magic trick, they turn valid, accepted as fact amongst Western leaders even though no facts are ever actually forthcoming.

This is how our Western leaders now form their political and military policy, and how our military machine is being oiled, primed and aimed towards war with a nuclear powered Russia.  Yet no one ask: why?

Modern history is full of examples of these tactics. Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein both became targets after having been softened up with the vitriol dripping from the mouths of just about every Western leader of the time.  During the 1990s ad hominem attacks against Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic culminated in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. 

Milosevic was continually vilified in the media and accused of genocide and of crimes against humanity.   Eventually he was arrested and tried at The Hague.  Although he died in prison he was recently found innocent of all charges.

A Sun Tzu quote reads, “The wheels of Justice grind slow but grind fine”.

However, our modern and accelerated political world is no longer restrained by something as insignificant and slow as justice.  By the time justice finds her voice the media refuses her a microphone and has already hastily moved on.

The Western media is like an Illusionist who draws the audience’s gaze to one hand whilst the other is conjuring the trick.  It is totally blind to the injustices rendered on innocent people other than those it chooses to endorse to promote its agenda.

No longer is any attention paid to those who ordered the bombing of Yugoslavia. The guilty parties have long moved on, and are now positioned out of focus of the media’s attention.

The same cognitive dissonance will appear when the facts concerning Aleppo and Syria finally come to light. No one will be interested, and the glare of attention will be focused on some new tragedy.

I often wonder whether if the Western media refuse to report an incident, did it really happen?  I say this because policy and history appear to be written by shallow incidents that either never did take place or which took place in a totally different way to how the media reports them.

The Western media and those who own and fund it have created a parallel world.  They see themselves as an elite and sovereign entity accountable to no one and bound by no rules or laws.   In reality the media are owned and coupled to the same oppressive powers that drive the hegemonic policies of the West.

The politicians who embrace this parallel world and push their agendas and deliver their policies contrary to the will of the people think they are untouchable. But history is replete with tales of how our forebears continually dealt with despots and autocrats.

Presently, people everywhere are being awakened from their slumber and they are looking for evidence of truth.  And, as hard as the media try to muddy the waters, the truth, like a spirit, will continue rise and shine and people will run to its embrace.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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