The United States is in an era of great destruction, and millennials are leading the charge

This is how millennials are killing the diamond industry.

The American Dream is no longer about a family, a home, and a respectable living. Liberalism and feminism has destroyed all of the stability that young people entering society once enjoyed.

The american dream now revolves around the struggle to become debt-free, as entire industries are being destroyed and reshaped to accommodate a liberal millennial dystopia.

Via Zerohedge

The United States is in an era of great destruction, as the old institutional way of life created by past generations is being systematically destroyed by the incoming generation i.e. the millennials. This transitional period is cyclical and has happened before – most recently during the Great Crash of 1929. Creative destruction is essential for the nation’s survival, as the millennials are rewriting America’s next journey – much different than before.

Already, the preferences of millennials’ are killing dozens of industries such as department stores, diamonds, food chains, and real estate. Life decisions such as marriage and a starter home are being delayed or totally abandoned. Millennials are swamped with student- and other forms of toxic-debt in a period of wage stagnation that makes their financial mobility limited.

They will be the first generation not to achieve the American Dream, along with a lower standard of living than their parents.

Given the backdrop of America’s transition induced by millennials in a fiat system that is considered late-stage. Cracked provides a 3-minute breakdown of why millennials are killing industries.

The video focuses on the diamond industry and provides various motives of why millennials aren’t buying the precious stone.

In particular, the video makes the point millennials are heavily in-debt and cannot afford marriage, thus breaking the long lasting cycle of tying the knot, which usually involves buying a diamond ring. Not anymore, millennials are broke.. And there goes the diamond scarcity that was produced by prior generations who could afford to get married.

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Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones
November 30, 2017

Given that most American diamonds are “blood” diamonds, I have no problems with this – not as far as jewellery goes. Industrial is another matter, but they can be sourced from moral countries – Russia for example. AS for blaming millennials – when it’s previous generations that set the scene for them to be too broke to buy anything, leave home until they are 30 yrs old, how can they be “leading the charge”. They’re the ones carrying the beginning of the end of Empire. Not until new tools and ways of thinking are developed is the AngloEuro West –… Read more »

Phillip Kokesh
Phillip Kokesh
November 30, 2017

the whole “Diamond Wedding/ Engagement Ring” was a clever marketing scheme of DeBeers… word.

November 30, 2017

Diamonds are about as useful a pea gravel, and now that we have synthetic material to replace industrial diamonds the stones would be worthless were it not for jewelry. However, ask Patrice Lumumba what happens when you cross the diamond cartel.

November 30, 2017

The choices made by millennials to not buy diamonds for their girl friends and get married are symptoms of a free market that has been systematically destroyed. So too, retail stores are going down not because consumers do not want their products. Rather, it is because they lack the money. To reverse these trends, we must change the fraudulent system that is bringing about our demise. Here is a proposed solution. First, we must petition our lawmakers to get rid of the Federal Reserve and its Federal Reserve Notes, which are interest-bearing debt instruments, and replace them with asset-backed, non-interest-bearing… Read more »

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