Russia rains GOLD – 9+ TONS of Gold bars fell from the skies over Siberia

A plane rained gold, diamonds, and platinum over the city of Yakutsk

Precious cargo rained from the heavens, according to eyewitnesses, a veritable treasure of not only gold, but platinum bars, as well as diamonds. The treasure in total, weighing over 9 thousand Kilograms, was scattered around fields by an airfield in Yakutsk, Siberia. This was reported on by Yakutsk

Apparently, due to a traumatic incident, the entire left hatch of the cargo hold of an AN-12 was torn off, resulting in the hail of adamant which pelted the Siberian fields with around 22 billion rubles worth of treasure, roughly 400 MILLION dollars, according to

Before you get your hopes up, and buy your metal detectors and your tickets to Russia, as the eyewitnesses recalled, law enforcement cordoned off the territory around the airfield, and nobody was allowed nearby.

It is also worth noting that the plane was an AN-12, meaning it was designed by Antonov, a Russian-Ukrainian company formed during the Soviet Union, which built record-breaking wonders.


This is the same company that produced the aviation colossus known as the AN-225 Mriya, widely accepted to be the largest plane in the world – so massive China plans on using it for its space program.

AN-225 Mriya

The existence of this plane is actually threatened, this giant may become the last of its kind, as due to the ruin of Ukrainian industry caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the more recent Maidan coup, Antonov has fallen into disrepair. Seeing as the plane in our story, the AN-12 is also an Antonov, this is just another reason why Russia and Ukraine should unite – it might just rain white-gold and diamonds from the sky.

Admittingly, however, raining the precious cargo over Yakutsk wasn’t exactly the intention of this AN-12.

Generally speaking, everyone would like to be around, if it rains gold, diamonds, and platinum, but everyone always forgets to add the caveat that they also don’t want to be hit in the head by the bars. People always wonder what would happen if someone was hit in the head by a coin dropped from a Skyscraper, this, I truly don’t know, though I advise no one to attempt it.

I do know exactly what would happen if someone was hit in the head by a gold or platinum bar, falling from a Cargo plane – believe it or not – it wouldn’t be pleasant.

So while we all may wish for gold, diamonds, and platinum to rain down on our life, let’s all remember to also wish it doesn’t rain on our heads.

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