Poroshenko calls Putin, offers condolences and Ukraine’s help after Saratov Airlines crash

An unexpected friendly gesture from the Kiev regime’s leader following the crash of the Ukrainian-built An-148

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Putin’s press secretary Peskov confirmed that a call between him and Ukrainian leader Poroshenko was held on Monday, February 12, at the initiative of Kiev, according to Russian sources.

Poroshenko expressed condolences for those who died in the An-148 crash, and offered his, and therefore Ukraine’s, assistance in the investigation to determine causes of the tragedy.

Specifically, he gave “spoke about his readiness to work with the aircraft manufacturer Antonov to ascertain the causes of the crash”.

The Presidents also noted there is no alternative to the Minsk agreements – however, this doesn’t change the fact that by Kiev’s actions, the Minsk Agreements are disregarded and sabotaged.

Certainly, Poroshenko is not excused for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, simply for this phone call, and its unlikely anything major will come of it, but the fact that he had a civil conversation with Putin is a welcome event. There is no need to read any more into it that for what it is.

One can’t help to wonder if Poroshenko had an ulterior motive, purely because of Ukraine’s generally hostile behavior towards Russia, but this does not have to mean anything, and it is highly unlikely this represents a change of policy for better or worse.

The Ukraine situation is largely a frozen conflict, but Poroshenko is actually one of the least extreme of Ukrainian so-called “leaders”. This is in no way to defend his actions, but unlike the real nationalists who want to fight, Poroshenko would find the idea of dying for Ukraine ridiculous, and is far more interested at robbing the country blind while nobody is looking, as we discussed in the article below.

For all we know, his phone call to Putin could actually have negative reproductions, if the story gains traction in Ukraine. He may even have to deny that it took place, and sacrifice a goat or two at the altar of Bandera, in order to please his Nazi friends.

Poland bans Bandera – Ukrainian nationalists demand Poroshenko condemn their NATO ‘ally’

The An-148 “Saratov airlines” crashed in the Moscow region on the 11th of February, after departure from Domodedovo. There were no survivors.

A possible cause of the crash is a malfunction of the plain due to the extreme cold. As part of the investigation, Russia will conduct a test flight that will fully simulate the take-off of the crashed An-148.

Antonov, the manufacturer of the plane were inherited from the Soviet Union by Ukraine. The company represents a great legacy of Soviet aeronautical engineering. Among their planes is the largest in the world, the ridiculously huge AN-225 Mriya.

It’s actually a bit frightening looking at this colossus and guess what, according to RT, China was a special plan to resurrect the endangered giant.

What for? Well, the ultra-heavy cargo plane is so massive, China believes it can assist in its space program. That will be a relief for Antonov, as the company has fallen into some disrepair and danger, like the rest of the post-maidan economy.

The titanic plane is merely one of the many examples of what Russians and Ukrainians accomplished together, even as Kiev rejects their own past, and is now a symbol of all that has been deprived of Ukraine. Now they are forced to prostitute their country to the world, and they only have themselves (and mainly their western overlords) to blame.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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