Former Ukrainian Soldier claims rich westerners paid top dollar to hunt humans in Donbass

Alexander Medinsky’s claims are shocking – and have earned him enemies among Ukrainian nationalists

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In a video on Politnavigator, Alexander Medinsky made a shocking claim, citing his own sources saying that like something out of the Most Dangerous Game, rich westerners were paying (one would assume Kiev), to hunt people like animals on safari.

Alexander Medinsky

“From my sources, whom I trust, I was informed that in 2014, rich guys from western countries came to Donbass with very expensive rifles and payed big money to hunt people in Donbass. This information came to me from eyewhitness of this event, whom I trust.” Former Ukrainian Soldier turned Pacifist Alexander Medinsky

While so far, Medinsky is the first to publically air these claims as far as anyone can tell, and therefore we can not independently verify what he is saying, he has interesting credentials which add credibility to his statement.

The most interesting of all his credentials would normally make one skeptical, but in this rare case, add to his credibility – Medinsky was a soldier in Donbass of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, not for the rebels.

Medinsky Aleksandr.jpg

Normally being a partisan to conflict, especially for the Neo-Nazi regime would make one a highly suspect source, however, he himself referred to them as a Nazi regime, having been disenfranchised by what he saw. I am not in any way implying having fought for a Nazi regime makes you credible, nor arguing that having fought for the Ukrainian army makes one more credible than fighting for Donbass, however from a neutral, international perspective, the fact that the whistle is being blown by a former Ukrainian soldier is very powerful. No one can accuse someone who fought for Ukraine in Donbass as being “Pro-Russian” therefore his claims which corroborate what Russia has been warning about – the dangerous fascism in Ukraine – are all the more relevent.

He was caught up in the lies which the West fed the Ukrainian people, beguiling them into destroying their own country, and participated in the Euromaidan.

After being deployed to Donbass between 2014-2016, he saw with his own eyes what was really happening, and though he stated in an Interview that “Russia was helping Novorossia [with technology and supplies” they were not fighting the Russian army, bolding stating the truth that:

“We [Ukraine] are by and large killing our own citizens”

His statement earned him the hatred of Ukrainian nationalists everywhere, branding him a traitor to Ukraine, for his fight for redemption via supporting anti-war and pacifist causes. His name was publicized on Mirotvorets website, an unofficial hitlist by Ukrainian nationalists, and he was kidnapped and tortured in November of 2017 by radicals of the infamous C14 group, the same group that tried to burn down a Church on the site of the oldest Russian Church in the world.

Russian-Ukrainian Church offers to pay bail of radicals who attacked them, appeals to Trump

After these events, he fled abroad applying for political asylum.

As a result, Medinsky is totally opposed to the Nazi-war crimes committed in Donbass by the post-Maidan regime, but he came to this conclusion by participating in their “anti-terrorist operation”, rather than fighting for Donbass forces. As a result, he can hardly be considered an agent of Russia or Ukraine, thus making him a relatively neutral source.

While his statements have yet to be independently verified, they are worth listening to, and investigating, and if concrete evidence of these events can be proven, this only further adds to the war crimes committed by the Kiev-regime against the Ukrainian-Russian people.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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