Ukrainian factory Azovmash losses thousands of workers to Russia

Despite being portrayed as the ‘aggressor’ many Ukrainians move to Russia in search of employment

Thousands of workers from one of the largest machining factories in Ukraine, Azovmash in Mariupol, Donetsk Region, have fled to Russia, suggesting there may be truth in the revolutionary idea that if you pay workers fairly, and give them safe homes without the occasional threat of artillery fire, they are overall satisfied. Politnavigator reports, (in Russian):

“I spoke with the Deputy Director of Azovmash. A large enterprise, once it had a workforce fifteen thousand people. Now, barely one thousand remain. I asked: where is everyone? He said to me: “Evgeni, you will not believe it – they took them by bus loads to the Russian Federation.” Whole families, whole workshops departed for Russia. Because they were given apartments, they were given a normal salary, no one ran after them with a grenade launcher wearing a balaclava. They instead got work, and a predictable future. said Evgeni Murayev, Verkhovna Rada deputy.


Who would have thought people don’t want to be chased around by balaclava-wearing “gentlemen” throwing grenades at them. At least they weren’t chased around by women in balaclavas throwing chickens at them (google it…or don’t…better yet…don’t).

In all seriousness, this is excellent commentary to raise against the argument that Russia invaded Ukraine to attack and destroy the people. Generally speaking, people don’t run towards their attackers in order to start new lives. Millions of Ukrainians have moved to Russia because they speak the same language, form the same culture, and largely represent the same East Slavic people group. It is fair to note, however, that Mariupol in Donbass, is part of Eastern Ukraine, the half of the country that is very Pro-Russian.


The city itself is quite beautiful, lying on the Sea of Azov upstream from Crimea possessing what was a lively industrial and shipping economy.


The city has naturally suffered due to the war…because…big surprise…people don’t like war. One can only hope the conflict will end soon, but that won’t bring back workers who have found jobs elsewhere.

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