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The 'surge is on' for President Trump

The “surge is on” for US President Donald Trump ahead of the crucial presidential election just days away, says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Mr Kenny said the surge for the US president “is being reflected in the polls”.

“It’s being reflected in the polls, those same polling companies that have so often underestimated his popularity and have for so long showed him trailing badly in this election campaign.

“They are detecting movement, they are all detecting movement to Donald Trump,” Mr Kenny said.

“And in the crucial battleground states, that movement is very strong, and the polling is very, very tight”.

Mr Kenny said Donald Trump does “have a path to victory”.

“It’s a narrow path because he won so narrowly last time”.

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Jonah Kyle
Jonah Kyle
November 2, 2020

To be hones, the path is a lot NARROWER for JOE BIDEN, not Trump. Only fraudulent mail-in ballot theft/counterfeiting will give Biden a chance.

Reply to  Jonah Kyle
November 2, 2020

I completely concur. In 2016 I was ready to vote for Trump. In 2020, I am excited and vocally supporting Trump and ready for four more years!!!

Joe Voter XI
Joe Voter XI
Reply to  KDizzle
November 2, 2020

President Trump is the first campaign I have ever given money to, and I voted for Reagan…..twice.

November 2, 2020

The enthusiasm difference between the two candidates is so vast. The optics would tell a yuuuge Trump victory.

Early voting numbers are pouring in and registered republicans are either keeping pace (unheard of) OR they have closed HUGE gaps compared to 2016. Given (??) that registered republicans show up in greater numbers on election day then registered dems, I am throwing this election his way.

Heck, the republicans might (maybe, possible, sliver of a chance) retake the house and gain in the senate.

Alot of people are voting Republican down ticket.

November 2, 2020

Who is this asshole? A brainless Brit who should be concerned that Buckingham Palace is deserted and soon to be converted to a mosque, and the entire “royal family” arrested and EXECUTED. Worry about your own shit hole island overrun with camelf**kers!

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