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The Russian Embassy in Britain trolls Russophobic conspiracy nuts

Under Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian Embassy in the UK has shown that it is not only deeply connected to the world of social media, but also that the embassy staff take the almost daily Russophobic attacks from the mainstream media, government elites and random nutters with a brilliant sense of humour.

It is becoming increasingly clear that either through default or by design, Trump’s sudden reinvention as a lightweight neo-con will push the Russiagate scandal to the political back-burner.

Some of the most unhinged anti-Russian conspiracy theorists have still not called it quits and for them the Russian Embassy in the UK had a special message.

Louise Mensch to whom the Tweet was directed is of course the world’s most famous Russophobe who has yet to be offered a position in the Ukrainian government…but there’s still time.

Scott Dworkin (aka @funder on Twitter) runs his own anti-Trump website filled with Russian conspiracies. It’s still on-line, though it is difficult to understand why.

Trump was never a ‘Russian puppet’, but now that he has sunk Russia-US relations to a new low, it is fair to say that he is little more than a deep state puppet.

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