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Unhinged conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch says Steve Bannon could get death penalty

Failed UK politician turned full-time US based Russophobic conspiracy theorist has issued one of her more bizarre and disturbing Tweets to-date.

In a Tweet which she is clearly proud of as it is pinned to the top of her profile, Mensch stated that she believes that Steve Bannon could be eligible for the death penalty.

Not only is Bannon not under investigation for anything, but no one credible has even accused him of any criminal wrongdoing.

Mensch’s previous outbursts range from the downright racist, to making overt threats to wild accusations.

Some of her greatest fails include saying that Russia has no culture, calling for jihad against Russia and blaming Russia for the very terrorism it fights and perhaps most absurdly of all, saying that the slogan ‘America First’ originated from ‘Russian Nazis in the 1940s’, something which is not only a contradiction in terms but an insane one at that.

Julian Assange has called her mentally ill and after years of self-confessed drug use, it is difficult to reach any other conclusion about Louise Mensch.

Online reactions to Mensch’e Tweet are reassuring in respect of the fact that most people do not take her seriously in the slightest.

Now watch Mensch’s incoherent ‘defence’ of her loony Tweets from a recent interview.

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