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Queen of the Russophobes Louise Mensch is slapped down by Julian Assange

Julian Assange recently went on Ron Paul’s Liberty Report to defend himself against inaccurate statements from CIA director Mike Pompeo who said that Wikileaks is a non-state intelligence agency, when in fact Wikileaks is a publisher. The theory proliferated by Pompeo was legally discredited during the infamous Bradley Manning trial.

In this sense, Wikileaks is no different from the Washington Post or New York Times, except of course that Wikileaks has a 100% accuracy rating in terms of what it publishes, whilst WaPo and the Times have a considerably more fraught relationship with the truth.

Pompeo also stated that Assange is not protected by the US First Amendment because Assange is not a US citizen and is living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange, Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams explored why this theory is legally flimsy at best.

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Now though, a considerably less serious source than the CIA director has attacked Assange. Enter Russophobic ultra-racist, Louise Mensch, the failed UK politician and self-professed former drug addict who has recently re-invented herself as an anti-Russian conspiracy theorist so deranged that some of her remarks are nuts even by Ukrainian standards.

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Mensch has accused Wikileaks of giving Russia President Vladimir Putin direct access to the SSL Keys.

Assange has responded with the simple truth.

So not only is Mensch a total liar, but she hasn’t even correctly understood the technical workings of Wikileaks. To be fair, few people do, but most of them have the decency to shut up about things they know nothing about.

It seems that when it comes to both Russia and technology, Louise Mensch has no self-control.

I think there’s a message in this for all of us, especially those who aspire to lead a decent life…

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