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CIA Chief reveals shocking news: Vladimir Putin is trying to make Russia great again

CIA Chief Mike Pompeo trotted out an old misquote about the Russian leader’s supposed intent to restore the USSR – but what did Putin really say?




Who would have thought the Russian President would try and restore the glory and greatness of Russia!

CIA Chief Mike Pompeo just blew our minds with that revelation, proving to us that Vladimir Putin has been working for the Russians all along! That kind of deep analysis…that level of deductive reasoning…the grasp of common sense…it astonishes us all. I suppose that’s why they’re called the Central Intelligence Agency, it takes the most intelligent among us to discern that the Russian president could be up to something so surprising like restoring the glory of Russia.

“Our assessment of Vladimir Putin’s intentions has not changed. He continues to believe that the greatest misfortune of the 20th century was the fall of the Soviet Union. He intends to return the former USSR to greatness and glory. This is what he thinks about every day, that his re-election.”

The CIA directors magnum opus of intelligence analysis above appeared throughout the Russian media.

And here we thought Putin was trying to help make America great again. Well…I suppose the CIA just foiled the propaganda charade – now the whole world will know the Russian President is working for Russia. Who could have predicted that Putin would not only be colluding with Russia, but that he would even think about restoring her greatness and…*gasp*…her glory!

Ok, in all seriousness, Putin has indeed said the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 21st century – and there is nothing wrong with that. He clarifies what he truly meant by that in this video:

There explains brilliantly in his own words what he truly meant, and his answer may surprise you. Before you criticize him for that, if you would even do that, you should hear him speak. It has nothing to do with Soviet-Communist nostalgia and everything to do with a humanitarian disaster which is still felt in our times, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian-Russians in Donbass.

Not only did the collapse of the Soviet Union displace millions of people; overnight a multitude of people more than the population of some nations awoke to find themselves in a foreign country. Long before the Soviet Union existed, the Russian Empire ruled a vast territory from Finland to as far as the Afgan border. This land was hard bought with Russian blood, it has nothing to do with communism. In 19th century Uzbekistan for example, at the siege of Tashkent, it was a Russian Priest who was the first to vault the walls of the fortress, cross in hand, leading Russian troops to capture the Muslim citadel.

According to the Primary Chronicle of Saint Nestor, Russia began as a state called Rus’ whose first princes ruled from the city of Kiev, the modern capital of Ukraine. Kievan Rus’ existed on a common territory between Modern Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, and excluded lands which they now rule today. In the words of a Ukrainian Saint Lawrence of Chernigov (1950+), believed to be prophetic by Russian Orthodox Christians, the conflict in Ukraine, and the name itself was created by foreign powers in order to weaken the Russian peoples, and make them forget they are Russian.

Much of what Saint Lawrence prophecied has happened today, in the tragedies and ruins after the fall of the Soviet Union. Specifically, he said regarding the fall of the Soviet Union:

“When a little freedom appears, when the churches and monasteries are being opened and restored, then all false teaching will come out, and the demons … will fiercely take up arms against the Orthodox Russian Church. A godless authority will support these heretics, and therefore they will take churches away from the Orthodox and slaughter the faithful. The whole world will be amazed at his lawlessness and will be frightened. But all these slanders of the evil one and false teachings will disappear in Russia [Ukraine], and there will be One Orthodox Russian Church.”

His words perfectly describe the situation in Ukraine today even as he spoke them in the last century long before anyone pictured the Soviet Union falling anytime soon.

It is tragedies like the one in Ukraine, a result of the Soviet Union’s collapse, that created ruinous events for Christians as well as Communists. It divided the lands of Holy Rus’ as much as it ended the Soviet Empire, mostly because the Soviet Union was simply built atop the ancient Russian Empire.

Make no mistake, the Bolsheviks brutally persecuted the Church, but ideally, the violent atheism could have been internally removed by the Russian people, without the state itself collapsing, and with it causing millions of people to live destitute and broken. If only the Soviet people themselves made the reforms away from Godlessness, but stayed united, just as they were long before communism in the Russian Empire.

It could have saved all of Russia and the near abroad from becoming victim to the brutal capitalist Neo-Liberal raping and vandalism that occurred in the 1990’s, that was just as unscrupulous, Godless, and Russophobic as the Bolshevik terror prior.

It is this catastrophe, this prostitution to the west of the Russian nation which Putin laments, not communism. That period of Russian history was perhaps among the worst, together with the Tatar Yoke, the Time of Troubles, and the Bolshevik Revolution. That era is perfectly described by the painting of Glazunov: The Marketplace of Our Democracy:

And yes, the Russian President wants to restore the greatness and glory of Russia along the way…is that really so bad, or moreover, so surprising? Just don’t imply he is trying to revive communism – he’s not. He is trying to restore something much more ancient – Eternal Russia.

Eternal Russia – Glazunov

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Constantinople: Ukrainian Church leader is now uncanonical

October 12 letter proclaims Metropolitan Onuphry as uncanonical and tries to strong-arm him into acquiescing through bribery and force.

Seraphim Hanisch



The pressure in Ukraine kept ratcheting up over the last few days, with a big revelation today that Patriarch Bartholomew now considers Metropolitan Onuphy “uncanonical.” This news was published on 6 December by a hierarch of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (running under the Moscow Patriarchate).

This assessment marks a complete 180-degree turn by the leader of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople, and it further embitters the split that has developed to quite a major row between this church’s leadership and the Moscow Patriarchate.

OrthoChristian reported this today (we have added emphasis):

A letter of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine was published yesterday by a hierarch of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in which the Patriarch informed the Metropolitan that his title and position is, in fact, uncanonical.

This assertion represents a negation of the position held by Pat. Bartholomew himself until April of this year, when the latest stage in the Ukrainian crisis began…

The same letter was independently published by the Greek news agency Romfea today as well.

It is dated October 12, meaning it was written just one day after Constantinople made its historic decision to rehabilitate the Ukrainian schismatics and rescind the 1686 document whereby the Kiev Metropolitanate was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church, thereby, in Constantinople’s view, taking full control of Ukraine.

In the letter, Pat. Bartholomew informs Met. Onuphry that after the council, currently scheduled for December 15, he will no longer be able to carry his current title of “Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine.”

The Patriarch immediately opens his letter with Constantinople’s newly-developed historical claim about the jurisdictional alignment of Kiev: “You know from history and from indisputable archival documents that the holy Metropolitanate of Kiev has always belonged to the jurisdiction of the Mother Church of Constantinople…”

Constantinople has done an about-face on its position regarding Ukraine in recent months, given that it had previously always recognized the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate as the sole canonical primate in Ukraine.

…The bulk of the Patriarch’s letter is a rehash of Constantinople’s historical and canonical arguments, which have already been laid out and discussed elsewhere. (See also here and here). Pat. Bartholomew also writes that Constantinople stepped into the Ukrainian ecclesiastical sphere as the Russian Church had not managed to overcome the schisms that have persisted for 30 years.

It should be noted that the schisms began and have persisted precisely as anti-Russian movements and thus the relevant groups refused to accept union with the Russian Church.

Continuing, Pat. Bartholomew informs Met. Onuphry that his position and title are uncanonical:

Addressing you as ‘Your Eminence the Metropolitan of Kiev’ as a form of economia [indulgence/condescension—OC] and mercy, we inform you that after the elections for the primate of the Ukrainian Church by a body that will consist of clergy and laity, you will not be able ecclesiologically and canonically to bear the title of Metropolitan of Kiev, which, in any case, you now bear in violation of the described conditions of the official documents of 1686.

He also entreats Met. Onuphry to “promptly and in a spirit of harmony and unity” participate, with the other hierarchs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in the founding council of the new Ukrainian church that Constantinople is planning to create, and in the election of its primate.

The Constantinople head also writes that he “allows” Met. Onuphry to be a candidate for the position of primate.

He further implores Met. Onuphry and the UOC hierarchy to communicate with Philaret Denisenko, the former Metropolitan of Kiev, and Makary Maletich, the heads of the schismatic “Kiev Patriarchate” and the schismatic “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” respectively—both of which have been subsumed into Constantinople—but whose canonical condemnations remain in force for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The hierarchs of the Serbian and Polish Churches have also officially rejected the rehabilitation of the Ukrainian schismatics.

Pat. Bartholomew concludes expressing his confidence that Met. Onuphry will decide to heal the schism through the creation of a new church in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church under Metropolitan Onuphry’s leadership is recognized as the sole canonical Orthodox jurisdiction in Ukraine by just about every other canonical Orthodox Jurisdiction besides Constantinople. Even NATO member Albania, whose expressed reaction was “both sides are wrong for recent actions” still does not accept the canonicity of the “restored hierarchs.”

In fact, about the only people in this dispute that seem to be in support of the “restored” hierarchs, Filaret and Makary, are President Poroshenko, Patriarch Bartholomew, Filaret and Makary… and NATO.

While this letter was released to the public eye yesterday, the nearly two months that Metropolitan Onuphry has had to comply with it have not been helped in any way by the actions of both the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Ukrainian government.

Priests of the Canonical Church in Ukraine awaiting interrogation by the State authorities

For example, in parallel reports released on December 6th, the government is reportedly accusing canonical priests in Ukraine of treason because they are carrying and distributing a brochure entitled (in English): The Ukrainian Orthodox Church: Relations with the State. The Attitude Towards the Conflict in Donbass and to the Church Schism. Questions and Answers.

In a manner that would do any American liberal proud, these priests are being accused of inciting religious hatred, though really all they are doing is offering an explanation for the situation in Ukraine as it exists.

A further piece also released yesterday notes that the Ukrainian government rehabilitated an old Soviet-style technique of performing “inspections of church artifacts” at the Pochaev Lavra. This move appears to be both intended to intimidate the monastics who are living there now, who are members of the canonical Church, as well as preparation for an expected forcible takeover by the new “united Church” that is under creation. The brotherhood characterized the inspections in this way:

The brotherhood of the Pochaev Lavra previously characterized the state’s actions as communist methods of putting pressure on the monastery and aimed at destroying monasticism.

Commenting on the situation with the Pochaev Lavra, His Eminence Archbishop Clement of Nizhyn and Prilusk, the head of the Ukrainian Church’s Information-Education Department, noted:

This is a formal raiding, because no reserve ever built the Pochaev Lavra, and no Ministry of Culture ever invested a single penny to restoring the Lavra, and the state has done nothing to preserve the Lavra in its modern form. The state destroyed the Lavra, turned it into a psychiatric hospital, a hospital for infectious diseases, and so on—the state has done nothing more. And now it just declares that it all belongs to the state. No one asked the Church, the people that built it. When did the Lavra and the land become state property? They belonged to the Church from time immemorial.

With the massive pressure both geopolitically and ecclesiastically building in Ukraine almost by the day, it is anyone’s guess what will happen next.

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Ukrainian leadership is a party of war, and it will continue as long as they’re in power – Putin

“We care about Ukraine because Ukraine is our neighbor,” Putin said.





Via RT…

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has branded the Ukrainian leadership a “party of war” which would continue fueling conflicts while they stay in power, giving the recent Kerch Strait incident as an example.

“When I look at this latest incident in the Black Sea, all what’s happening in Donbass – everything indicates that the current Ukrainian leadership is not interested in resolving this situation at all, especially in a peaceful way,” Putin told reporters during a media conference in the aftermath of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is a party of war and as long as they stay in power, all such tragedies, all this war will go on.

The Kiev authorities are craving war primarily for two reasons – to rip profits from it, and to blame all their own domestic failures on it and actions of some sort of “aggressors.”

“As they say, for one it’s war, for other – it’s mother. That’s reason number one why the Ukrainian government is not interested in a peaceful resolution of the conflict,” Putin stated.

Second, you can always use war to justify your failures in economy, social policy. You can always blame things on an aggressor.

This approach to statecraft by the Ukrainian authorities deeply concerns Russia’s President. “We care about Ukraine because Ukraine is our neighbor,” Putin said.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been soaring after the incident in the Kerch Strait. Last weekend three Ukrainian Navy ships tried to break through the strait without seeking the proper permission from Russia. Following a tense stand-off and altercation with Russia’s border guard, the vessels were seized and their crews detained over their violation of the country’s border.

While Kiev branded the incident an act of “aggression” on Moscow’s part, Russia believes the whole Kerch affair to be a deliberate “provocation” which allowed Kiev to declare a so-called “partial” martial law ahead of Ukraine’s presidential election.

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When Putin Met Bin Sally

Another G20 handshake for the history books.



Via Zerohedge

In the annals of handshake photo-ops, we just may have a new winner (much to the delight of oil bulls who are looking at oil treading $50 and contemplating jumping out of the window).

Nothing but sheer joy, delight and friendship…

…but something is missing…

Meanwhile, earlier…

Zoomed in…

And again.

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