Why Mueller probe and Russiagate are collapsing under weight of their own lies and hatred

Efforts to create and maintain lying narratives against President Donald Trump or conservative causes implode in enormous waste of resources… and for what?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

On the Drudge Report as of 4.45am EST, there are no fewer than seven links to seven distinct news articles concerning the Mueller investigation that started with the goal to find out about the allegation of collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and operatives from the Russian Federation, or even the Kremlin apparatchik itself.  The sources linked range between left-wing to conservative points of view, and all of them point at the amazing matter that the investigation that was heralded as the thing that would bring the Trump presidency down in flames has apparently completely backfired on those people who are now found to have laid the bait for the investigation to commence – operatives not within the Russian Federation, but within the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party themselves.

This struggle is not just the pettiness of political campaigning continuing by the “sore loser” party, though.

It is easy to look at HRC’s own strange “I cannot let it go” behavior surrounding her defeat, most typical of many deranged women (yes, I said it!), and laugh and maybe also pity this very powerful, but very pathetic, human being (whilst breathing great sighs of relief that she didn’t win, or many of us might be looking at the smoking remains of our cities by now). That part is easy, and it would be one of those “thank God it didn’t happen” moments that would hopefully galvanize us into making sure it never happened again.

But this does not seem to be so.  A lot of recent information surrounding this investigation has come to center on massive corruption and bias within the Federal Bureau of Investigation itself, as well as the Central Intelligence Agency.  The CIA corruption seemed to reside largely with James Clapper, but the FBI story is exploding into one that involves a good number of people in the Bureau, highlighted of course by the reported 50,000 text messages between two agents, united in passion for one another as well as their passion for blocking or ruining Donald Trump’s presidency. In one very interesting exchange, a text message from Agent Peter Strzok sent to his lady, Lisa Page, indicated that Peter knew that this collusion idea was nonsense.

In an interview with WISN-Milwaukee radio host Jay Weber, Johnson read aloud a May 19, 2017 text that Strzok sent to Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer and his mistress.

Strzok wrote: “You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there’s no big there there.”

This text referred to the Mueller investigation which had begun May 17, two days earlier. The results of the investigation, which is unlimited in its scope and which has not been ordered stopped by President Trump, turn up more and more information that point at both Democrat power-plays and what has also been termed the “Obama Deep State” in operation, in effect, that underpinning apparatus that President Barack Obama left in place to ensure that everything he put in place remained in place. While a skeptical analysis points out with some validity that there are always powerful forces of opposition within the halls of government, despite the party in power, that opposition against President Trump is brazen and visibly irrational.

If anything true comes out of this investigation, it will probably be the observation that something about President Trump and conservatism deeply angers many people who are in power, and it does this so much that their reactions are irrational with rage.  Mueller’s investigation did not set out to expose this, but it seems to be succeeding at revealing a very commonly held level of what can only be called mental derangement, among a large group of people who hold a lot of power.  These people are willing to lie, slander, even kill, to keep their hold on whatever it is they want.

President Trump is often accused of lying. It is true that he certainly says things that are not true. But he does it in the entertaining manner that a circus master might, to boldly embellish, to amaze and to delight people.  Sayings like “biggest tax cut ever” could be analyzed and discounted, but such efforts are often countered by reality, and by results.  The income tax rates for Americans lowered slightly.  Some people find that they must pay more.  But the repatriation of corporations’ overseas money back to the USA has created both a profitable payout for hundreds of thousands of regular Americans, and job prospects for hundreds of thousands more.  So, the letter of the claim might be false, but the heart of the claim with Trump is usually spot on.

In contrast, the lies and machinations against him are unhinged, pathetic, and driven by naught but mean-spiritedness and envy. In the attacks against this administration from its detractors there is nothing positive, nothing inspiring, nothing hope producing.  It is honestly as though all the dregs, and all the darkness in people is aggravated by positive change, and they just cannot have this happen.

Inside a building at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. The company said Wednesday that it planned a $350 billion contribution to the American economy over the next five years. Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times

While my job at The Duran is to present news and analysis of news, most often that analysis seems like it must rely on assessment of facts and little else.  Sometimes we discuss motives, usually of a person or a group who desires power.  This is important.  But what I have noted here is also a part of this analysis that is more dangerous to report, because it concerns the underlying drives that create this struggle in the first place. In some cases we can see that there is a struggle within the realm of psyche. This is what seems to be in place now.  The visceral anger of the opposition to Trump is emotional, it is not based in disagreement about policy – at least not within the borders of the United States about domestic matters.  It is difficult in fact, to even discuss with “Trump-haters” any matter of policy, because they cannot get past the fact that this man is in power.  They do not even know why they are mad at him.  But they are very mad at him.  More and more we begin to see that even the places where we at The Duran are expert at analyzing, the area of geopolitics and foreign policy, that in the United States, these policies, too are driven by some psychologically related matter, and do not in fact deal with situations pragmatically.

While this comment seems to depart from the overall point of this article, I bring it up to point out that this problem is what the Mueller investigation is exposing.  This is supposed to be an investigation into facts and legality.

What it is revealing is the state of America’s soul.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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