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Vladimir Klitschko, brother of Kiev mayor Vitaly goes down in boxing match (VIDEO)

Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko and brother of post-coup Kiev mayor Vitaly Klitschko, has lost a match in the 11th round against UK fighter Anthony Joshua.

Both brothers were professional boxers before Vitaly decided to enter politics in post-Maidan Ukraine. As with just about all post-coup Ukrainian politicians, he hasn’t exactly been a political heavy weight.

Vitaly has often be tongue tied when confronted about the vast abuses of human rights since the fascist led coup overthrew the legitimate government in Kiev during the events of February 2014.

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Vitaly Klitchko once famously recalled having conversations with dead policemen. Muhammad Ali he certainly is not.

His brother didn’t do much better last night in the boxing ring.

This 11th round punch forced the referee to end the fight with Anthony Joshua the undisputed champion.

In true Ukrainian style, Vladimir Klitschko has instantly called for a re-match, perhaps this time with his old pal John McCain acting as referee?

Like the so-called Oranage Revolution of 2004, things didn’t exactly go as Klitschko planned.

One would think that the political violence associated with his brother, would have helped Vladimir in his fight last night, but it seemed that Anthony Joshua harnessed the fighting Donbass spirit and came out on top.

Whilst yesterday’s fight was held in Anthony Joshua’s native Britain, I suggest a neutral territory for the night fight. Perhaps Yalta, Sevastopol or somewhere else on the picturesque Crimean peninsula. Since neither fighter is Russian, I cannot see why anyone would object…can you?

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