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Russophobe Louise Mensch just called for jihad on Russia

Louise Mensch once coveted a high ranking position in Britain’s Conservative party but couldn’t pull it off. Then she tried to get Hillary Clinton elected POTUS and she failed at that too. Then, the self-professed former drug addict has became a professional Russophobe and now she has called for Russia to be punished by Salafist terrorists.

When most people were condemning the ISIS atrocity on London or otherwise engaged in constructive and long overdue debates on how western foreign policy causes terrorism, Mensch decided to insanely blame the attack on Russia.

This Tweet is beyond ludicrous, it is deranged and perverse. The Russian military is currently fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda on the battle field in Syria along with the Syrian Arab Republic which is governed by President Bashar al-Assad.

Then she called for apparent jihad against Russia in the following Tweet.

Mensch has used the very language of ISIS to call for the President of the Russian Federation to ‘pay for’ a terrorist attack that he and his international partners not only had nothing to do with, but have been working to prevent in respect of their war against ISIS and other Salafist terrorist groups.

These remarks should not go without a thorough investigation. It is not only deeply irresponsible but criminal to call for violence against the head of a state. It is all the more frightening that she appears to be  making an appeal to ‘Muslim brothers’ to wage a kind of Salafist holy war against Russia. Mensch has adopted the tone and rhetoric of groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda to call for violence against Russia. This is totally unacceptable.

She continued to blame the Russian President for a Salafist jihadist atrocity Tweeting the following semi-coherent piece of garbage.

It is clear that this woman is totally insane. It would not be difficult to assume that she has reverted back to the use of illegal narcotics. Otherwise, it is highly likely that the sustained use of drugs over a lifetime have severely damaged her psyche.

But lunatic rants are one thing. Calling for violence against a democratically elected head of state is criminal. This is even more dangerous than Kathy Griffin’s glorification of ISIS when she posted a photograph of herself holding a mock-up severed head of United States President Donald Trump.

Mensch has gone from a crazed propagandist to an advocate for jihadist violence.

Law enforcement should take the appropriate measures at once.

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