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Russian Embassy warns citizens to be aware of abnormally high terror threat levels in UK

This comes after one thwarted terrorist incident in the British capital.

LONDON (Sputnik) – Russian embassy in London has reminded Russian citizens that the terror attack threat level in the United Kingdom remains high, and recommended to refrain from attending potentially dangerous public events, the embassy said Saturday in a statement.

“We remind the citizens about a serious terror attack threat level in the United Kingdom. Once again, we call on the citizens to be security-conscious and refrain from visiting public places,” the statement read.

The embassy also reminded about the recent incident, involving a man attempting to stab police officers next to the Buckingham Palace in London, which authorities identify as a terror attack.

The Russian diplomatic mission also advised to avoid visiting Notting Hill Carnival, which kicked off in London on Saturday.

The United Kingdom has suffered a number of terror attacks over the recent months. The country is currently on a “severe” threat level for international terrorism, meaning that an attack is highly likely. The UK media reported in late May that the UK intelligence services had investigated some 23,000 individuals with extremist views considered to pose a potential terrorist threat.

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