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Turkish forces kill 43 PKK fighters in southeast Turkey in 7 days

The PKK is designated as a terrorist organisation in Turkey.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Turkish security forces have killed 43 fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), banned in Turkey, within seven days, local media reported on Saturday, citing a statement of Turkish General Staff.

The PKK fighters were killed during counterterrorism operations conducted in the country’s southeastern provinces of Sirnak, Diyarbakir and Hakkari on August 17-24, the Yeni Safak newspaper reported.

The security forces reportedly managed to seize firearms and C4 explosives during the operation.

Tensions between Ankara and the Kurds escalated in July 2015 when a ceasefire between Turkey and the PKK collapsed over a series of terror attacks allegedly committed by PKK members. The Turkish forces are currently involved in anti-PKK raids across the country.

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