Russiagate is a holy war

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Russiagate is fundamentally about two things and neither have anything to do with anyone in the American elite actually believing that Russia had any impact on the US election whatsoever. Those who say that Russia had an influence on the US election are merely providing the bread and circuses to distract the attention of the wider world, including many in Russia from the actual motivation driving the seemingly never-ending scandal.

1. American Geo-political Decline 

America is a declining super-power and as Donald Trump correctly articulated during his campaign, the decline is happening with more rapidity than either America’s friends nor enemies could have anticipated.

By contrast, Russia has re-claimed its super-power status and continues to grow in terms of geo-political influence, almost on a monthly basis.

The Qatar crisis has proved that Russia’s diplomatic leadership, even in an issue which does not necessarily directly effect Russia, is more sought after than that of the US. This applies to the Syrian peace process even more sharply. The Russian lead Astana Peace Process has left America on the literal sidelines, now attempting to frantically grab as much Syrian territory east of the Euphrates as possible before the war inevitably comes to an end.

Likewise, China has risen to the status of a fully fledged economic and super-power and is still growing.

The fact that Russia and China are closer than ever, having patched up their mid-20th century disputes, is a double-threat to a declining America.

It is as simple as that.

The second reason why Russiagate maintains public momentum is far more manifold in nature .

2. A Holy War 

After the fall of Orthodox Constantonople in 1453, Moscow became thought of as a third Rome, but it was not until Russia began winning wars against Roman Catholic Poland, Protestant Sweden and Sunni Ottoman Turkey that many in the west started taking notice.

The centres of western power in Paris and London and only much later in Berlin (and to a smaller degree Vienna) found their great eastern enemy. Ottoman Turkey would be subdued and co-opted as the British proved when siding with Ottoman Turkey throughout the 19th and early 20th century in spite of massacres against Christians. Poland was a rump state by 1815 and by that time, the powers of Scandinavia had long been surpassed by the Germanic powers of central and eastern Europe.

While Britain continued to fear, without much actual merit, that Russia was eyeing British colonies in Asia, the rest of Europe saw that Russia had by the late 19th century helped to liberate Slavic Orthodox Serbia and Bulgaria from Ottoman colonialism as well as non-Slavic Orthodox Romania. Russia also played a crucial role in helping the Hellenic people realise their modern post-Ottoman colonial statehood.

It was this that made the western powers fearful and that fear remains today not only in London, Paris and Berlin but most importantly of course in Washington D.C.

The ancient western hatred of Orthodoxy was combined with modern imperial and neo-imperial geopolitical conditions whereby the ‘third Rome’ of Moscow had to fall in order for the west to realise their goal of further conquests in central and east Asia.

The British political scientist Halford Mackinder articulated this ambition far more acutely than his predecessors. He called Russia the ‘pivot area’ which the west needed to control in order to conquer Asia.

This is the reason why Russiagate is not Chinagate. Russia is a domino that for the west must fall before China can even be fully contemplated.

Indeed, the west’s hatred of Orthodoxy is one of the reasons that Islam has been invented as a false enemy. Russia has traditionally had far better and certainly more practical relations with its Muslim citizens and neighbours than European countries have ever had.

Modern Russia is an example of peaceful coexistence among the two major monotheistic faiths of the world. In this sense the west’s demonetisation of Islam is related it’s hatred of Orthodoxy. The western elites cannot allow western citizens to see the cross and crescent living happily side-by-side as it would cause many people in the modern west to question the militant policies of their own governments, policies which ultimately do not benefit ordinary people in the west, but merely the corporate and political elites of New York, London, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

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Furthermore, because of the prevalence of liberalism, many Catholics and Protestants are becoming sympathetic to the Orthodox tradition something which worries western politicians who are afraid of being exposed as un-Christian in any sense of the word.

This is why many of the same politicians who hang their hats on Russiagate are those who advocate for anti-Orthodox libertine policies. The politics of the vulgar, obscene sewer are merely useful propaganda through which to galvanise unsuspecting secularists against a great Orthodox state.

This also explains why today’s Russophobia is far more dangerous than that of the Cold War. During the Cold War the Soviet Union was hated by many western elites because it was the strongest Communist power. Of course, early on, many in the west, particularly in the US funded the Bolsheviks because no one could have imagined that the Soviet Union would become so powerful, so shortly after a bloody civil war. Wealthy individuals in the west thought that by funding Lenin’s gangs they were destroying Russia and for a time they were correct. But the plan backfired as even under Communism, the Russian state became strong not long after 1917.

But Communism as an ideology was multi-national. Many of the Bolshivics themselves were anti-Russian. Lenin monstrously called Russia a “prison of nations” and defamed the Russian character. To this end, were communists in just about every country in the world, thus helping to remove the national and cultural component from the anti-Communist western doctrines of the Cold War.

Today, Russophobia is back to where things were prior to 1917: a hatred of Russia for being an independent, powerful Orthodox state, the strongest Orthodox state in the world at that.

Therefore, the liberal agenda seeks to pacify western Christians whose admiration of Orthodoxy continues to grow while attacking the traditional Orthodox foe whose greatest capital is Moscow.

While the war in Syria is often referred to as a holy war, it is not. It is merely a proxy imperial war aimed at carving up Syria’s resources.

If one wants to see what a 21st century holy war really looks like, do not watch ISIS videos, just turn on CNN.

Russigate is the new crusade of liberalism which has borrowed some of the worst tendencies of the west’s Medieval past.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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November 2, 2019

“… liberal agenda seeks to pacify Western Christians”. Not so, the liberal agenda is intensely hostile to Christianity and seeks to undermine and silence it all over the “West”. Nobody who is not brain dead could fail to notice this fact.

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