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The Most Popular President In American History

During his campaign for the 2020 election, the most popular President in American history got into an argument with a blue collar worker, called an elderly man at a public meeting fat, then challenged him to a push up contest, forgot what state he was in, and confused his wife with his sister.

During his campaign for the 2020 election, the most popular President in American history said he was proud of his cocaine-addicted, adulterous son, and how could he not be? Few people indeed can make millions of dollars simply by riding on Air Force Two.

During his campaign for the 2020 election, the most popular President in American history hid in his basement while his rival toured the country relentlessly. As tens of thousands of people queued to see Donald Trump, as convoys of vehicles and flotillas of boats paraded in his support,  a couple of dozen people turned out to see the most popular President in American history, a third of them belonging to his staff and security team, while a bigger crowd on the other side of the road chanted for his rival.

The most popular President in American history won more votes than his main rival, more votes than Barack Obama for his first Presidential run; Joe Biden was so popular that in places, people voted for him twenty or thirty times. He was so popular, even the dead voted for him in record numbers.

The image above is a screengrab from the recent Democratic Party rally in Georgia. Joe Biden is on the podium;  Kamala Harris and many more heavy guns were there. Notice the narrow angle of the camera; why do you think the local newsmedia framed it so, could it be they didn’t want the public to notice how few people had turned out so they don’t realise just how unpopular the most popular President in American history really is?

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December 23, 2020

the only good democRAT is a DEAD DEMOCrat

Sam S
Sam S
Reply to  THE TRUTH
December 23, 2020

but they still vote

December 23, 2020

The whole thing does seem amazing. Despite the massive vote fraud, Biden got millions of votes … but actually these are simply ‘anti-Trump’ votes. Democrats could have run a cardboard cutout of a man (well, they did) and it would have been the same. The election was completely about Trump, Biden was a non-entity as the article discusses

David Robertson
David Robertson
Reply to  SteveK9
December 23, 2020

It is true that the election was all about Trump, he was polarizing, but the numbers on his side were greater. The election was rigged, I watched it, and the fraud was in-your-face. There was no attempt to hide it. They manufactured mail-in votes out of thin air and trucked them into counting stations in the wee hours of the morning. I believe all of this will be proved in the weeks to come and that Trump will be reelected. Then what larks!

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