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THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH: North Koreans in their own words (VIDEO)

RT has released an exclusive documentary called The Happiest People on Earth, which filmed North Koreans of all ages and social vocations on the eve of The Day of The Sun, the annual celebration of the birthday of North Korea’s founder, the revolutionary leader Kim Il-Sung.

The documentary is unique in that it is neither a provocative hidden camera fly on the wall style documentary, nor is it one that approaches North Korea with any political or ideological agenda.

RT’s journalists and camera crews simply filmed North Korean people in their schools, in their leisure centres, in their museums, streets and festivals as they offered their views on their country and the wider world.

With disinformation about North Korea flooding all ends of the media from liberal mainstream media to alternative media, RT’s documentary is a refreshing chance to see and hear North Koreans as they are.

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