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The European Union Is Anti-European | Louis Rouanet

What is Europe? It seems that no rigorous answer can be provided. Europe is not exactly a continent. It is not a political entity. It is not a united people.

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September 11, 2020

The European Union is a criminal collective led by George Soros.

Soros learned his destructive trade by extracting the gold teeth from cadavers murdered by the Third Reich.

The EU hides behind several “humanitarian” cloaks. One of the main objectives of the EU is to win more territory by deception using NGO “soft power”.

The EU is no more than a sophistic vehicle to transfer the wealth from the people to certain elites.

As soon as the EU arrives in any nation the trouble follows.

The same occurred with the Third Reich.

Tony Giallo
Tony Giallo
September 11, 2020

Its a whorehouse where the Germans are the customers, the Polish clean the toilets, the French make the food and the Ukrainians pick their wives up from after work.

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