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THE CULT OF THE NHS.  Why the British Government turned the National Health Service into a cult.

The British population have been bludgeoned, bullied and recruited into compliance by images and slogans in a multi-million pound advertising campaign, paid for by the British taxpayer and actioned to cover up the catastrophic unpreparedness and indecision of government.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Submitted by M.A. Richardson…

“So foul and fair a day I have not seen” – Macbeth – Shakespeare 1606

A toxic mix of politics, science and media. 2020, a vision of the future, a new era where humanity has brought pestilence on itself,

’Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’. It has become one of the most comprehensive, exhaustive, and cynical advertising campaigns in modern British history, imposed on a captive audience confined to their homes, under surveillance.

The British population have been bludgeoned, bullied and recruited into compliance by images and slogans in a multi-million pound advertising campaign, paid for by the British taxpayer and actioned to cover up the catastrophic unpreparedness and indecision of government.

It is the same parliamentary and media management of the electorate that delayed Brexit for 3.5 years.  It saw the rise of ‘woke’ diversity politics to fill the void, whilst infrastructure, immigration, fishing and manufacturing industry, regional investment in jobs, things that truly effect the lives of ordinary people, were sidelined by white noise and globalist corporate ideology.  It is a centralised governmental attempt to re-frame the narrative, to exert control over a population by obscuring the real issues by any means. History repeats itself. Parliament and the mainstream media are once again hiding in plain sight.. The government is not listening to the people and the people have to search through alternative media to find the facts.

With the rise of populism and the cry for the return to the sovereign nation state, the British people thought that through the ballot box they had won.  They were wrong.  This technocratic elitist government are far more embedded, they truly are deep state. They will readily kill a country’s spirit and sacrifice lives. The science they called upon to protect the people has proved to be a failure, the UK has the highest death rate in Europe. This government will keep its people under lock and key for as long as it takes to break them.

Britain is a country whose economic policy has lived in the pockets of China for many years. Now, a toxic combination of an ideologically driven globalist mainstream media, science and ‘big government’, lives at the heart of Westminster. People Management has replaced manifesto, ethics has been exchanged for ideology and dogma. This parliament are presiding over the managed decline of a nation, it ushers in an age where freedom of speech and free choice will be exchanged for big tech, de-platforming, dogma and tyranny.


Mullenlowe Group is a global integrated marketing communications network, headquartered in London, IPG New York its parent company. Mullenlowe are the government’s preferred ad agency creators of the NHS campaign whose slogans include, ‘Stay home, save the NHS’.  A multi-billion dollar media machine. Last year IPG’s net revenue increased 7.4% to $8.63 billion, they have over 90 branches, including their London headquarters. Mullenlowe China were named Agency of the Year 2018 by IAI International Awards.

‘We are the NHS’. ‘Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.’ – MullenLowe:

“We use creativity to get our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention.”

“You need a short, informative message to get the public’s attention, certainly to resonate with younger audiences today,”. ‘Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives’ is like a wartime version.”

– Jeremy Hine, chief executive of MullenLowe Group UK.

Other recent campaigns are voiced in short, simple language, tailored to the younger generation used to multiple platform soundbites. Recent MullenLowe slogans include: ‘Healing Hero’s’ – Bayer Medical, ‘Home is Good’ – Persil / OMO, ironically, an extension of the Persil campaign, ‘Dirt is Good’.

Re-branding the NHS is rather like changing deckchairs on the Titanic, you can change as many times as you like, but it’s still going down.

On 26th March new ‘Heath Protection Regulations’ were signed and lockdown began. It was also the beginning of a propaganda exercise to ensure compliance of the public to a dystopian authoritarian norm.

Mainstream media became enablers-in-chief of this government’s myopic, misjudged deceit. In return, the government have allowed the press to push their ideologically driven woke politics. A globalist agenda of open borders and corporate governance by elites,  beaten into the electorate even at the cost of British lives. It was a trade-off, and the government took the deal. It is mutually exclusive, it provides money generated by advertising space and click-bait around coronavirus news to be fed back to corporates and the media giants, while promoting government policy. With Covid-19, advertising revenue plummeted and media groups were happy to have that revenue stream picked up by the government. The government are their best clients, in good times and in bad.

A new £35 million ad campaign was launched on the 17th April, ‘Stay at home for the NHS, your family, your neighbours, your nation the world and life itself.’, it is due to run for 3 months, ‘All in, all together’.  Many people will have lost their homes and businesses before this campaign has run its course. The biggest loser will be the middle class, whose businesses will be picked off in M&A’s and buyouts by corporates.

In the meantime, elective surgeries have been cancelled, people that have been waiting for months, sometimes years for operations, such as hip replacements and cataract removal, were told to stay at home, and most have no idea when those operations will be rescheduled.  Mullenlowe have done an excellent job promoting the NHS, whilst Parliament have crippled a nation.


To stop overload on A&E and ICUs with virus cases, Mullenlowe were given the task of modifying public behaviour and sentiment to alleviate unnecessary strain on an already overstretched NHS. The government chose to ‘Protect the NHS’ not the public. It has been an exercise in crowd control.

Early in March, banks, financial trading firms and Whitehall government employees were asked to take their PCs home with them. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) was to be tested to see if it could cope. Many went into self-imposed lockdown asking staff to work from home. Weeks before the government announced its herd immunity strategy, investment brokers, big banks, international stock traders had already closed their central London offices. Large sections of the City were emptying. The rest of the population were in a two week ‘no mans land’ of probable infection. There was a two-tier system of information, big business and corporate elites were protected, while the rest of population were not. This two-tier system is still in operation. The government does not trust the public.

By the second week of March, people in London began to stock-pile food. Warnings were coming in from Italy, it was clear to the public they were totally unprotected and unprepared. The government had given no guidance at all, and when it did come, it was in the form of ‘herd immunity’. There was confusion.

NERVTAG meeting  (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group) made up of scientific advisors to the British government 13th Jan 2020:

“WHO’s update on 12 January reported symptom onset of the 41 confirmed Wuhan Novel Coronavirus cases ranges from 8 December 2019 to 2 January 2020. No additional cases have been detected since 3 January 2020”

“Current reports describe no evidence of significant human to human transmission, including no infections of healthcare workers. Cases of pneumonia possibly linked to Wuhan City have been assessed in Hong Kong and some of the surrounding countries. WHO have stated that according to Chinese authorities, the virus in question can cause severe illness in some patients and does not transmit readily between people.”

China, using the WHO (World Health Organisation), peddled false information.  Neighbouring countries were already dealing with the virus and person to person transmission. Scientists noted:

“There are already some sequence discrepancies between various Chinese groups releasing virus sequence information.”

At the same meeting, a report from Taiwan about a woman who had flown into Taiwan from Wuhan:

“Symptom onset was on the 5th January 2020, she developed fever with a chill, sore throat and headache. She then went to the local health facility and received some medication.  On the 8th January, she took a direct flight from Wuhan to Thailand together with her 5 family members in a tour group of 16 tourists. She was transferred to Bamrasnaradura, Infectious Disease Institute for isolation. “

“Reports suggest airport entry screening has been introduced by Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Singapore. There is a direct flight from Wuhan to the UK three times a week.”

By 13th January, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore were screening incoming flights from China, by February they were already successfully dealing with the virus; they had no need for lockdown neither did they advocate herd immunity.

The CCP were involved in a concerted effort to spread disinformation using the WHO. Leaked footage from Wuhan early in January, showed people being dragged to quarantine centres or locked in their apartments by operatives in Hazmat suits and breathing equipment, whilst the authorities were struggling to remove these images from the internet. The wet markets and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were ‘bleached’ of evidence. Key scientific personnel, researchers and doctors were ‘disappeared’ or silenced. Dr Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, who leaked information on Covid-19 person to person contagion, was arrested by the Chinese authorities and forced to sign documentation that his claims were false. He was eventually released, but died of Coronavirus in January. The CCP now describe him as ‘a Martyr’.

“I think there should be more than one voice in a healthy society, and I don’t approve of using public power for excessive interference,” – Doctor Li – born 1986 – died January 2020

In the two weeks from January 9th, at least 2000 people arrived on direct flights from Wuhan City into London with no checks on arrival. Chris Whitty, scientific advisor to the British government, was asked why incoming flights were not screened or flights halted:

“Every country does this slightly differently, that’s always been the case. The screening would not really provide any appreciable increase in benefit for the UK public.”

In China, 56 million people in Hubei province were already in quarantine, yet China’s external borders were open for international flights out of Wuhan.

The government failed to act to protect the public. They appear myopic when dealing with the CCP, viewing them as a benign, rather than a malignant partner. The government chose to ignore the CCP’s human rights abuses, including concentration camps, racial and religious discrimination, organ harvesting from prisoners. It has instead, turned the UK into a conduit through which the CCP can conduct its business and firm up their grip on the worldwide tech market, and, from an important strategic position within the West.

In mid-February Boris Johnson spoke to Xi Jinping, they were;

“resolved to work together across a range of issues including strengthening the economic partnership, to benefit the people of both China and the UK.”

One month later Prime Minister Johnson along with half of his cabinet were ill with Covid-19.


‘Save the NHS’, adverts, bill boards, an internet blitz. It was no longer lockdown to save lives, it was lockdown to save the NHS. A mass recruitment scheme for which 750,000 members of the public signed up to volunteer to help in the first week.

Between 13th January and 17th March, when the government and their scientific advisors had two months to prepare for coronavirus, a different scenario was being played out, one of deception and deceit. The public were being kept in the dark.

At a hearing of the Commons Health Select Committee, March 17th, when questioned by Jeremy Hunt, (former Health Secretary to the government), Sir Patrick Vallance (Government Chief Scientific Adviser) was asked why there was not more comprehensive testing:

Vallance:  “We simply don’t have mass testing available. What can I tell you.”

Hunt:  “Looking at other countries, the one that people think has had the most success is South Korea, they are testing 10 times more people a day.”

Vallance:  “I think we need a big increase in testing, and that’s what I am pushing it for very hard”.

In the second half of the Commons Health Select Committee, Jeremy Hunt quoted from a message he had received from a doctor on the front line treating coronavirus patients in a major UK hospital:

“One week ago I was wearing full personal protective equipment, now we’ve been told not to bother with any of that, contradicting WHO guidance. I am terrified, I can’t bear the thought of infecting other patients with a disease that could kill them.”

Vallance:  “That’s a question that needs to go to the NHS as they organise a response to this. It is important that we get the proportionality right in terms of where protective equipment is needed and where it is not, because one of the things that is a risk, is if we go to the wrong place on protective equipment it hampers all those or other parts of healthcare delivery. That is not a question I am in a position to answer, that is one that the NHS need to.”

Hospital staff were sent to work without PPE under the most extreme conditions. They were asked to treat patients not knowing if they themselves had the infection, or whether they would catch it and potentially pass it on to their patients.

South Korea not only had the disease under control, they had implemented track and trace and were successfully treating symptoms. In addition, their infection rates were falling, despite no lockdown having been imposed. Their Deputy Minister for Health and Welfare, Kim Gang-lip, said of lockdown methods of virus control:

“Such an approach is close-minded, coercive, and inflexible.”

British scientists appeared unwilling to talk about the success of South Korea and Taiwan or follow their example. Perhaps this was the diplomatic line from the British government who did not want to appear to endorse regimes not approved of by the PRC  There was a reluctance to take advice or look at the models from non-Western democratic nations who had successfully dealt with the most important initial stages of infection. The UK seemed more worried about souring its relationship with China, one of its major business partners, rather than saving the lives of its electorate.

Britain has become the conduit through which all things Chinese travel. The British government had no choice other than to tailor their policy to their lack of PPE, firstly choosing herd immunity to buy time, then imposing lockdown because they were struggling to get PPE for hospitals and care staff. The government decided the best country from which to acquire these supplies was China.

In August 2019, CGNPG (China General Nuclear Power Group) a Chinese state owned company and 3 of its subsidiaries, were placed on ‘The Entity List’, a blacklist of companies the US has prohibited business with, citing that they may be “engaged in or enabled efforts to acquire advanced U.S. nuclear technology and material for diversion to military uses in China.” and further, “Acting contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.”

No such caution has been adopted by the British government. The CGNPG has a 33% stake in the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant development, the 635 acre site in Somerset (UK) has continued construction throughout lockdown. Hinkley gives Beijing access to the UK’s power system and will supply 7% of the UK’s electricity, and costs are now estimated to overrun to £22.5 billion. In Suffolk, amid huge local opposition, a planning application for ‘Sizewell C’ a replica plant, is about to be sent in by the same partnership of French firm EDF and CGNPG. The West are in an economic and propaganda war with the CCP, the British government is China’s useful idiot.

On 17th March in the same Commons Health Select Committee, Jeremy Hunt questioned NHS chiefs, including Sir Simon Stevens (Chief Executive, NHS England and NHS Improvement). Hunt had received two messages from doctors, the first, working in a London hospital A&E read:

“it’s absolute carnage in A&E utter chaos, we don’t have any proper PPE, we’ve been given paper masks, not the gowns, not the FFP3 masks we need and not everyone even gets those. Literally, the doctors are seeing the sickest patients, the ones with suspected heart attacks, PE, sepsis, and all they have to protect themselves is a bit of paper across their mouth, I’m in shock, I feel like they’re being thrown to the wolves here. Some of us are going to die.”

Another doctor from Luton and Dunstable:

“I’m treating patients who are perhaps presenting for a broken ankle and then suddenly start coughing all over you, you’re breathing in an aerosol spray of droplets and not even wearing a mask, just scrubs and a plastic apron.”

Jeremy Hunt:  “Sir Simon, should the NHS have a policy that all staff should be wearing PPE equipment in hospitals where there is a reasonable chance they are going to come in contact with a Covid -19 patient?”

Simon Stevens: “We are guided by the specialists of Public Health England. We have 28 million face masks in production.”

Policy was that only NHS staff members that were ‘symptomatic’ would be tested. There were neither the supplies nor the logistical skills to distribute the PPE available.  Matt Hancock, the current Health Secretary was not present at this meeting.

The NHS had only 3,700 critical care beds and were at 90% capacity. It was the government’s intention to test, but they did not have the capacity. They had an intention to supply PPE, but no capability.

Vallance was waiting for an antibody test to be developed, magically they became available from China,  £20 million was spent on ordering these tests from the first Chinese firm that had the capacity to licence, produce and export.  Unfortunately on arrival in the UK, those tests proved not to be viable. The UK are still chasing their money, along with refunds for 250 ventilators that arrived from China described as ‘dangerous’ because of having problems with oxygen flows, and other PPE bought from China was also found to be faulty.

Covid-19 fatalities – South Korea vs United Kingdom.

South Korea – Population 50million Deaths so far: 256

United Kingdom – Population 67million Deaths so far: 32,000


Whilst many NHS staff where feeling desperate and abandoned without PPE protection, the government requested there be a show of solidarity and appreciation. Citizens were requested to stand on their doorsteps to ‘Clap for NHS’. There was general compliance. ‘Engine’ an ad agency, designed an emoji for it. Once a week, the sound echos round empty streets, a demonstration of the public acknowledging their own existence, the cheering and bashing of pans goes on for just a little too long until it becomes something like desperation.  In a mental awareness initiative by ITV media, NHS staff were encouraged to clap the public.

Stalin, Mao, Xi Jinping, now the British government. It is a natural progression. In 2017 the Chinese developed an app called, “Clap for Xi Jinping”.

“It is really revolutionary in the sense that it induces people to participate in an act of adulation. The individual becomes a part of propaganda – and even, potentially, enjoys the experience,” – David Bandurski, co-director University of Hong Kong, China Media Project.

Engineer Yang Kaiwen on the clap app:

”it looks like a kind of entertainment propaganda.  It’s just a tool of the cult of Xi.”

The army were called in to help with NHS logistical management of PPE, it described what they found as “appalling”,

‘We know how knackered their systems are, but we’ve been surprised we’ve not been called in to help more, and we’ve been surprised by their failure to ration.”

The NHS was founded in 1948 by the then Labour Government Health Minister Aneurin Bevan. It is firmly embedded in that party’s consciousness as their creation. In 1997 New Labour won a landslide victory in the general election. One of their campaign slogans was ‘Save the NHS’. Two years later this became ‘competition and choice’ as Tony Blair implemented a pro-business agenda, introducing competition through private industry. Large corporations and big pharma began providing services.

“The NHS is being softened up for privatisation which, all along, was the real purpose of the NHS act 2012. Last year seven out of ten NHS contracts have gone to the private sector.”

– Kailash Chand – Vice President of the BMA (British Medical Association)

This year government spending on the NHS is coming in at £134 billion. The NHS has been under strain for decades. Since 1948, the population has increased by 25%, from 47 million to now near 67 million. Of all jobs in the public sector the NHS employs over 30% of them.

The campaign has turned NHS staff into demigods, gladiators being sent into the Coliseum, an arena of death and sacrifice. Posters, press, even NHS staff themselves have been used to promote and propagandise. There is managed ‘pandemic-speak’, mistakes have become ‘mis-steps’, lies have become ‘mis-information’.

Boris Johnson’s ‘story’ was cleverly coupled with that of the NHS. It is difficult to criticise someone who is recovering from a life-threatening virus, even if they did seem to bring it on themselves by shaking hands with patients. That’s the spirit Boris. It would be interesting to learn what medicines were used to treat the PM and if they are readily available for other patients on the NHS. On leaving hospital the Prime Minister declared, “The NHS saved my life”.

Most years the NHS is unable to cope with the average flu epidemic and is often described as overstretched and underfunded. In 2016 the government carried out a stress test to see if the NHS could deal with a pandemic. It concluded that if an outbreak were to occur, the health service would have a shortage of PPE and critical care beds.  These findings proved to be correct.

In a speech in the House of Commons in January, Matt Hancock Health Secretary announced:

“The Chief Medical Officer continues to advise that the risk to the UK population is “low” and has concluded that while there is an increased likelihood that cases may arise in this country, we are well prepared and well equipped to deal with them.”

The government considered themselves equipped for a flu epidemic, they were however ill-equipped for a pandemic. In the UK the statistics are bleak, once you are on a ventilator with Covid -19, the chances of not making it out of the ICU are around 80%, higher than in most other countries. Doctors and scientists in South Korea practice early intervention to alleviate symptoms. From one of the most highly regarded peer to peer journals in the US – ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’;

“Social distancing, isolation, and reluctance to present to the hospital may contribute to poor outcomes.”

Scientists are always getting their fingers burned, it’s a hazard of the profession, so don’t be surprised if politicians throw them under a bus after this is all over.


The press has been relatively muted and cautious in criticism of the government, as have the opposition Labour Party. Mainstream woke media did not want the government to close borders, this goes against their pro-immigration, globalist corporate agenda. There is no longer talk of removing the BBC licence fee charged to the public, the government need the press, the press need the government’s advertising revenue.

Since lockdown, the only recourse to the public to regain human rights is through the courts. This becomes difficult when you can be arrested for being outside. The court system is expensive and time consuming and only available to the few who can afford it or can raise capital through crowd-funding. Challenges are already being attempted against the government lockdown.


The nation has been sent to the naughty corner. Worse, it has been asked to inform on friends and neighbours in order to ‘Save the NHS’.  The public are not allowed to sit down in a park anymore, the police move them on. Even the Stasi would be embarrassed by these tactics. This cuts down on crime statistics so it’s a win win for the government. Luckily, for the most part, the great British public ignore the instruction to ‘inform’,  it defies logic that it could possibly be dangerous to take a walk, alone.

The government has a primary weapon. Fear. Fear and enforcement. It has even threatened a ‘second wave‘ of fear, if the first were not enough. This ensures the population stay in their homes as much as possible, and more importantly, stay off the streets; the public can’t demonstrate or ask questions, and thousands have been fined because they have.  There are multiple clips on social media of over-zealous policing.  A demonstration at Whitehall, London, was quickly dispersed with the help of the ‘Emergency Powers Act’ which has a two-year timeline.


Divide and rule. The nation is divided into those who can work and those who can’t.  Those who can’t are divided into those who are getting money for not doing much, and those who are getting no money at all, and either going bankrupt, or asking friends for loans. The government has over-hyped a brand and manipulated the public so it can walk through its flawed policies. Covid-19 is political, it is weaponised. This is a highly charged environment and Covid-19 will be spun to obscure and to obfuscate what governments cannot control or deal with when their policy fails. Politicians have used the NHS as leverage.

The longer this lockdown continues the more politicised this virus will become, and the more power the government will take from the population through over-regulation. They have turned the NHS, a sacred cow, into an icon.

In reality, this ship was launched with a hole in it, and has been sinking ever since, intermittently patched up and set adrift, this time bailed out by government spin doctors and an ad agency. Cult NHS will allow the government to keep the lockdown in place as long as it wants, or reimpose it without too much public unrest. It has encouraged power without responsibility, the public were blindsided by a government who turned the virus into a weapon against its own population.

The British public have been played, and the CCP have played the British government. Neither the government, Mullenlowe Group, nor mainstream media represent the peoples’ voice however much they try to convince the public that they do. The people have been silenced. It is how the CCP silences their population, through propaganda, enforcement and ultimately imprisoning their citizens. The damage done by lockdown will far exceed any done by the virus itself, because it has shown just how easily democracy can be turned on its head. This is not about health, it is about power. You begin to understand why American citizens don’t want to lose their 2nd Amendment rights.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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May 27, 2020

A cult is so right. Im sick of the twisted pictures and logos of rainbows, hearts and wierd slogans. “No place like home”…Its twisted and wierd. Then Clap the NHS while they disrespectably pick upon the older populatation? Its not the good drs and nurses. I know there are good ones ,but its the elite hierarchy in coherts with Matt Hancock and his twisted mind controlled cronies. U do know Free masons have been donating money to the NHS? I wonder what they wish for in return? I find the whole thing quite disturbing. Im awaiting surgery too. I cant… Read more »

October 24, 2020

A govt marketing campaign and people actually liking and supporting it is a cult, mostly because the author is cynical towards the state? if the ‘cult’ of NHS is a 2020 fabrication by govt marketing, why have bootlegs of NHS merch been popular enough to warrant govt cease and desist orders since 2015? has been selling bootleg NHS gear since 2015, and was sued for copyright infringement multiple times for doing so (this became a badge of honor for Banger & co. that the government trying to shut them down was evidence and recognition of the NHS’s popularity and… Read more »

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