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Syria rejects Russian draft constitution

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As was widely expected, the Syrian Arab Republic has rejected provisions of the Russian draft Constitution for Syria calling for autonomous communities in Syria, including for Kurdish regions.

According to Al Masdar news, Syrian envoy to the UN and Syrian representative to the Astana peace talks, Dr. Bashar Jaafari said,

“It’s completely unacceptable for a group of people to decide to create a statelet and call it federalism”.

This statement is fully in line with earlier Syrian statements. Syria has no reason to bifurcate let alone Balkanise her nation, not least because she is now winning the war, a war against various Islamist forces who seek to destroy the secular constitution of Syria.

The overwhelming majority of the Syrian population do not feel there is a need to sacrifice any aspects of the current Constitution, which has served the country well, protected minorities and does not discriminate against any ethnic group, including Syrian Kurds.

Speaking to The Duran, Syrian political commentator Afraa Dagher summarized the Syrian view on the draft constitution in the following way:

“First of all, Syria is a sovereign country. It is not acceptable to have a constitution which was written by another country, even if this country is our ally. The real Syrians have been sacrificing themselves since 2011 against the forces of the so-called “Arab Spring”, for the unity and sovereignty of Syria against the traitors, the armed mercenary forces who follow the western agenda of balkanizing Syria. This is self-evident, as those agents replaced the flag of independent Syria with the French mandate flag, alongside with Islamic state one!

So Syrians and only Syrians are qualified to make a decision about their constitution, not any other country, above all, not the traitorous “rebels”. Moreover, it is a primary Israeli goal to destroy the value of our Syrian Arab Army and our armed forces! This is the same goal of the opposition fighters who in many cases have relations with the Israeli occupier”.

When asked about the corrective movement within Syria’s Ba’ath party in 1970 and the legacy it has left to contemporary Syrian’s, Dagher had this to say:

“Well, President Hafez Al-Assad was the iron leader in a region which is surrounded by neighbors such as Turkey, Israel, agent kings of the west, like in Jordan and the Arab Gulf, etc. A strict and iron leader is the best one in this case. His Corrective Movement and also the real revolution in March 1963, were against capitalism and imperialism. It was about building Syria, building universities, and public hospitals, almost for free. It was meant to build an educated generation, not a Wahhabi state.

While the so-called “Arab Spring” intended to destroy the land and its people, that movement was one to organize people in democratic institutions to express their views on how to build a strong Syria, it was also intended to improve our economy and political life in united strong nation. I’m not saying the Syrian government is perfect, every country has corruption, but those suicide bombers backed by underdevelopment countries like Saudi Arabia and supported by the Zionist occupying entity Israel, are certainly not going to correct this.

We trust our secular leadership and we trust its wisdom and ideology, however, those who organized this war, don’t want Syrians to have such a great leader with such a great army”.

The Ba’athist legacy to Syria has been one of progress, modernity, tolerance, equal rights amongst religious factions and rights for female Syrians.

The so-called armed opposition, the terrorists, would take Syrian back centuries. I wonder if the fake stream media pundits, so desperate to see Syria’s destruction ever considered the fear that one must have that the secular and free land of one’s birth may turn into a Salafist state, a kind of legalized ISIS realm? The thought is frightening.

This is why Syria’s move in rejecting this draft constitution was the only prudent measure they could take in such an instance. Anything less would constitute the betrayal of the Syrian people.

Russia and Syria must instead continue to cooperate against terrorists in Syria until the country is totally free of this plague.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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