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STONEWALL — Still Poisoning The Minds Of The Young (1)

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If you haven’t heard of Stonewall, an organisation set up originally to lobby for homosexuals, here is a little history.

Homosexuality has been condemned by religious leaders throughout history and laws against it have been enforced, sometimes rigorously. Like rape – the forcible violation of a woman – homosexual acts BETWEEN CONSENTING MEN were traditionally capital. Two men were executed for consensual buggery in England as recently as 1835.

Throughout the Twentieth Century, homosexuality remained taboo, but legal persecution was generally unenthusiastic; most ordinary people were also sympathetic to homosexuals, even though they were disgusted with their practices. The famous actor John Gielgud was knighted in June 1953. Later that year he was arrested for importuning in a public toilet – a practice known as cottaging. When he appeared in court, the magistrate fined him £10. Although he used his own name, the police kept it low key and did everything they could to do so short of dropping the charge. It was unfortunate for Gielgud that a court reporter was present and picked up on the story. Even so, there was enormous sympathy for him from theatre goers and fellow thespians.

In 1967, following years of lobbying, the Wolfenden so-called reforms were instituted, and perverted sex between consenting men was legalised. Lesbianism was never illegal, probably because most people including our rulers regarded it as something of a joke. Legalising homosexuality may not have been desirable, but it was and is by far the lesser of evils. In the United States, things didn’t progress so smoothly; two years later, when homosexuals fought back physically against heavy-handed enforcement from the police, a riot ensued, the so-called Stonewall Rebellion – the name comes from the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village.

It was only in 2003 with Lawrence v Texas that all laws against consenting perverted sex between adult males were struck down. Elsewhere, homosexuality is still criminalised in nearly seventy countries, including many former British colonies.

It is one thing to legalise homosexuality so that men may do unspeakable things to each other in the privacy of their own homes without fear of retribution, it is quite another to allow them to corrupt the young, but that is what has been happening in Britain since the 1970s. When homosexual acts between consenting adults were legalised, the age of consent was set at 21, but persistent lobbying by homosexual individuals and pressure groups saw it lowered eventually to 16, the same age as for normal sex. And there are those who would like to see it lowered even further.

In the 1980s, the Government of the day recognised this. Margaret Thatcher had many faults, but this grocer’s daughter and mother of two from Middle England was right on the money on this issue, and in 1988, her Government introduced Clause 28 specifically to curtail the promotion of homosexuality to schoolchildren. Clause 28 was repealed in 2000, and as can be seen all around, the homosexual lobby is winning, That being said, it has recently been torn apart, and now at last we come to Stonewall. Officially Stonewall Equality Limited, this organisation was registered as a charity in 1989, and according to its own website (in 2001) it was:

“the national campaigning group working for legal equality and social justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.”

When Stonewall was set up, homosexual activists alluded to male homosexuality by the euphemism gay while female homosexuals were known (as usual) as lesbians. Later, this lobbying for lesbian and gay “rights” became LGB lobbying, the B standing for bisexuals, principally married men like the degenerate Oscar Wilde who have perverted sex with other men then go home and sleep with their unsuspecting wives.

From its humble beginnings of a handful of activists, Stonewall grew into a fairly large organisation and a money making racket through its Diversity Champions programme. In January 2010, it boasted: “From 2005 to 2009 the programme has grown from 100 to over 500 members. Stonewall’s good practice forum presents a unique opportunity for employers to engage with one another on sexual orientation issues.”

The membership rose to 900+ organisations; in January 2021, a Freedom Of Information request to ONS – a Government department  – revealed that:

“Since April 2006 we have paid an annual membership fee to Stonewall. These payments come to a total of £33,975”.

However, this year a number of organisations have quit this so-called diversity programme. On August 25, the Guardian reported that Ofcom had withdrawn from it, joining Channel 4 and the Cabinet Office. Yes, the Cabinet Office was a member! The irrepressible Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is hopeful that Stonewall will collapse totally. The big question is why is this happening?

The answer is that LGB is now LGBT, and a lot of people, especially women, object to the T. Back in 2011, Stonewall decided to extend its “charitable objectives” to transsexuals. Genuine transssexuals are few and far between, these include men like Steven Robinson who had hormone treatment to grow breasts and full surgery to transform a man into a woman as nearly as possible. You can read a bit about Stephenie Robinson here.

To Part 2.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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October 23, 2021

I used to tolerate the degenerates under the Stonewall banner, but i found my toleration had limits. The more degenerate demands these debauched Stonewall zealots made, the more my intolerance for these freaks, grew.

I am now openly hostile to these Stonewall fanatics, when i hear them spewing their sick sexual fantasies, dressed up in a Political causes. I am now at the point (giving the opportunity), i would vote to make all forms of Homosexual propaganda on Children, a crime punishable by a lengthy Prison sentence. 

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