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Soros funded NGO relocates to Germany following Hungary’s anti-NGO law

Soros has been known for establishing and funding NGOs for the purpose of advancing globalist agendas

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George Soros’s leading NGO in Hungary, the Open Society Foundation, is relocating to Berlin following the implementation of a recent law, known as the ‘Stop Soros Act’, aimed at reigning in Soros’s influence in the country.

Under the new law, NGOs which advance illegal immigration policies will be required to pay a 25% tax on foreign donations and report their activities to the Hungarian government.

With Viktor Orban’s reelection as Prime Minister, and his party, Fidesz, taking the reigns of power in the Hungarian parliament, the passage of the law seems to be imminent.

Soros has been known for establishing and funding non governmental organizations for the purpose of advancing globalist agendas aimed at tearing down traditional European values of patriotism, family, and faith while advancing pan European immigration policies to increase Europe’s diversity.

Visegrad Post reports:

Hungary – According to the leading Austrian newspaper Die Presse, Patrick Gaspard, President of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), which was created and is led by George Soros, said the OSF would leave Budapest to move to Berlin.

The OSF was established in Budapest in 1984, and currently employs about 100 people. On Thursday, April 19, 2018, Patrick Gaspard announced to Die Presse that the OSF would close its doors in Budapest and move to Berlin.

Since 1984, the non-governmental organization (NGO) of the financial speculator George Soros has provided a vast network of activists and associations of the “civil society” with nearly $400 million in US dollars.

Having been at the heart of the political debates in Hungary for a little over a year, the action of George Soros through his organized network has been denounced many times by the Hungarian government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in particular, who designated him as the main political enemy of Hungary. In particular, the OSF supported and promoted the migratory influx that Hungary has been forcefully opposing since 2015.

George Soros’ networks have been the subject of numerous scandals and has been accused of interference, manipulating opinion, and even of civil disturbances and destabilizations of legitimate governments in many countries, especially in Central Europe. The stated goal of the OSF and George Soros is to everywhere encourage the advent of the “open society”: a liberal-libertarian concept calling for the deconstruction of nations, democratic sovereignty, religions, and the traditional family.

The announcement of the withdrawal of the OSF from Budapest, two weeks after the re-election of Viktor Orbán, is not insignificant. On March 15, the strongman of Budapest announced that after the elections, he would “seek moral, political, and legal amends” regarding all the declared – or presumed – supporters of George Soros and his liberal-libertarian networks. Last week, a media organ close to the government, Figyelő, published a list of Soros’ influential people in Hungary.

Is this a strategic retreat by the OSF in order to take shelter from the wrath of Hungarian law, and to be able to continue their operations from a safe space? One of the reasons for this move seems to be the 25% tax on the foreign incomes of the pro-migrant NGOs, which is a consequence of the “Stop Soros” legislative package called for by Orbán. In any event, two weeks after Orbán won the elections hands down, he has won a new victory over his declared enemies, and in particular against the billionaire and man of influence, George Soros.

The OSF maintains nearly 50 offices worldwide, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Brazil, Columbia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, five such offices in the Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and elsewhere, and peddles itself as a philanthropic organization. The organization has been tauting the Hungarian government as a corrupt, mafia led regime, and has thus found itself at odds with the government, which now sees the OSF globalist activities as being a threat to the security of the nation, as its agenda advances uncontrolled immigration from Muslim dominant countries.

This immigration policy has had severe effects wherever it has been felt, with Europe, which has taken up an open migration stance, has experienced a flood of immigrants which is remaking its demographic makeup from Sweden to France to Britain, Italy, to Germany, and elsewhere. Viktor Orban has been combating the EU’s insistence that Hungary follow suit and permit and provide for a large number of migrants, which is perceived by Hungarians as inconsistent with their national interests.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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