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Hungary moves to shut down George Soros owned university

The Hungarian government has passed a law which threatens the continued operations of the George Soros founded and funded Central European University. The university was set up in Budapest in 1991 and has garnered controversy ever since, due to accusations of ideological based teachings and publications.

The university is seen as agenda driven, using its facilities to agitate for Soros’ liberal/globalist views.

Last week Hungary’s Parliament voted 123 to 38 in favour of legislation which will put further regulations on foreign, privately owned universities operating in Hungary.

The law will require non-EU originated private universities to reach specific agreements with the Hungarian government in order to continueĀ granting recognised degrees and diplomas in Hungary.

The law also stipulates that the foreign educational institutions must have an active campus in their home country.

The Soros founded CEUĀ does not currently have campuses in the United States where George Soros is based.

A recent poll has found that 70% of Hungarians support the government’s decision.

However, German President and former German Foreign MinisterĀ Frank-Walter Steinmeier has told members of the Parliament of the European Union,

“If we want to be a shining beacon of human rights in the worldā€¦ then Europe canā€™t remain silent when civil society members like the Central European University in Budapest are being stifled”.

George Soros is thought to have organised Saturday’s protests against the law in Budapest.


The university’s director issued the following statement about the legislation which was signed into law by Hungarian PresidentĀ JĆ”nos Ɓder last week.

The move is not without precedent. Soon to be former EU member Britain has very tight regulations on private universities and as a result, the vast majority of UK higher learning institutions are public bodies.

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