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Orban didn’t get the NGOs out fast enough, protesters seeking ‘regime change’ flood streets of Budapest

Tens of thousands of protesters rally for ‘regime change’

Tens of thousands of Hungarians have taken to the streets in Budapest to protest against Viktor Orban and his party’s overwhelming majority election victory earlier this month. the protesters are accusing Orban of controlling the media, and using it as his own propaganda network to push through his reelection and his policies.

Protesters are in the streets to ‘defend’ the ‘free press’, as well as to oppose the ‘regime’ of Viktor Orban.

The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, had recently described efforts by billionaire George Soros and his NGOs to push what he called ‘anti European’ values and agendas, and that they are funding his opposition, saying on the state radio that “I know they won’t accept the result of the election, they will organize all sorts of things, they have unlimited financial resources.”

The anti-government protesters held their massive rally in the Kossuth Square to challenge the results of the April 8th election in front of the Parliament building calling itself the ‘2.0 We are the majority!’ rally.

The protests migrated to the Szabadsajito Road, where student union and NGO leaders were delivering speeches calling for the opposition to unite and depose the government, as well as demanding that the sitting government withdraw its ‘Stop Soros Act‘, which is currently being processed.

Under the new law, NGOs which advance illegal immigration policies will be required to pay a 25% tax on foreign donations and report their activities to the Hungarian government.

The number of protesters is estimated to be somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 people shouting “Viktor, give us back democracy”, “We want freedom of the press”, and “Regime change.” as they marched through central Budapest.

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