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Sky News host, James Morrow, calls to stop “elder abuse”. Let Joe Biden go home!

“Joe Biden is ‘completely losing it’ and it’s very sad,” say James Morrow from Sky News. After the recent Biden town hall more people are questioning, “Is Joe Biden a Victim of Elder Abuse?”

Sky News host James Morrow says Joe Biden’s fading mental faculties at public events has gotten to the point where it’s almost “elder abuse” for him to remain on the campaign trail.  In a recent campaign event, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden once again struggled to get through a story without fumbling or going on a tangent.

“He is completely losing it and it is very sad,” Mr Morrow said.

“He should be just allowed to be at home. This is getting to the point where it’s elder abuse.”

Joe Biden’s candidacy should be ‘included under the heading of elder abuse’ 

James Woods tweeted back in July: “Where is his wife? Does she not care? It’s outright cruelty.”

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Is arming Ukronazis & Jihadis a Crime?
Is arming Ukronazis & Jihadis a Crime?
September 20, 2020

Home? Does he mean house arrest?

September 20, 2020

It is very much elder abuse,Joe Video has lost a lot of his mental prowess in the last few years,yes, let him go home,but the DNC won’t because they are desperate,all the other prospects for the leadership and presidency were found wanting,and their darling Kamala the “cop” Harris was exposed as a ruthless seemingly uncaring prosecutor ,in that now infamous clash between Kamala Harris and Tulsi Harvard,where Kamala was destroyed,but now the DNC wish to again have her as a candidate via the backdoor of being a VP,it maybe speculation that Biden would eventually step down if he won and… Read more »

T W Huning
T W Huning
September 21, 2020

The laughing at Mr. Biden in the Sky video is deplorable. It is not at all funny. Dementia is NOT funny. It.s sad. Nothing will stop the anti-Trumpers voting Democratic. The real candidate is Kamala.

Reply to  T W Huning
September 22, 2020

Who wants Kamala as our President. Not me. . .

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