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Joe Biden’s acceptance speech was a trip to an alternate Universe [Video]

This speech was warm, friendly, well-made, full of lies and designed to conceal the REAL Democrat agenda to many of its own.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech last night at the Democrat National Convention. It surprised many people on both sides of the political aisle. It was an absolutely strange capstone event to a Convention that gave us a look at some of the most deranged people in America, as well as the heads who wish to rule the United States through their newly minted proxy candidate.

We thought the Manchurian Candidate was just a movie. This is something very much like it though. Only Mr Biden is not being run by some foreign concern, at least not only one. We saw his handlers speak during the Convention. They spoke to all of us, acting like they were rallying around their guy, but really? Probably not. They might have been more honest if they had just said “Look, we are taking over again and here are the things we think are important.”

But of course, in Democrat Land, imagination trumps reality. Let’s try to look at who some of these power players might be. They spoke to us well before their designated suit came to the podium.

Over the last four days the American people got lectured by some of the sleaziest and most radical characters to ever take the political stage in this country.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton bemoaned the fact that three million more people could vote for Biden than for Trump and Trump would still win the election, “it happened to me” – Ouch. Too bad you thought you were too entitled to the post to campaign smartly, lady.

  • Bill Clinton, at times properly referred to as the “almost First Man” and the “Playmate of the Oval Office” expounded on his successful presidency. To be sure, by today’s standards, Clinton’s two terms do look pretty reasonable aside from his gallavanting. He does get some credit for being a smart politician, unlike his power-obsessed wife, but the simultaneous photo drop of him at Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island with some young girl giving him a back rub hopefully reminded a lot of people of the kind of associations the Clintons keep.
  • Barack Obama took some time to support Joe Biden, curiously so since most of the campaign up to this point we heard very little from the former President.
  • Elizabeth Warren opposed Biden’s mumbling points during the Democrat debates, but now that the Party is in control of their candidate she is now acting warm and fuzzy with him and like a vicious nasty grandmother to the Republicans. Senator Warren may have some significant ideas that are not bad, but being lectured to by a consummate liar who is still trying to portray herself as a Native American really jumped front and center during her talk.
  • Bernie Sanders was actually the most honest of all these speakers. He made it clear in no uncertain terms that the radical left’s socialist agenda is now right smack dab in the mainstream of Democrat Party thought. As it turns out, he has quite a stake in how a Biden Presidency would be run.

These four though, tried to portray Joe Biden and his candidacy as one major thing that is just not true. They tried to portray his candidacy as normal. Watching VP Biden’s acceptance speech for his nomination, I felt like I was watching a speech from the 1970s and 1980s.

I have to admit, it was a well-crafted speech. It was well-delivered, very few verbal stutters (and an inconvenient truth about this is that Mr. Biden had a stuttering problem when he was young. I did not know this, but knowing it puts some of the audio flubs in his speech into place.) It does not excuse his strange breaks with reality though.

Tucker Carlson noted the same character in Mr. Biden’s speech, but made sure to not let viewers forget that Biden’s calm demeanor is at the top of the Party of Eternal Grievance and Victimhood. After seeing transgender mermaid queen-king weirdos, racists and angry, spurned politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton come down on everything that isn’t grievance politics, the Democrat Party put up this amazingly normal-looking and sounding guy.

Watching this speech as the culmination of his presidential run so far, I had to admit that this was sad for Biden and extremely dangerous for the nation.

Policy-wise, I see Joe and especially the powers intending to work through him, taking the US in exactly the wrong direction. Our country is degenerating into a stoned, violent, tribal, sexually perverse society that is not safe to raise children and families in. In the 1980s we strove to keep our kids off drugs and to get them into tough treatment programs if they were, to save their lives. Now, marijuana is legal in many states and many more will follow. It has even become a talking point among Republicans to legalize this stuff.

But we look at videos like this one, clearly stuffed to the rafters with people that are stoned out of their minds and ask “why is this happening?” Because we are legalizing this stuff. Pretty simple. And the Democrats are leading the charge and will continue to do so.

I watched VP Biden’s speech carefully and took notes. The overwhelming sense was of a very kind, sincere man making a genuine and emotional appeal to the American people.

Except for the lies he told.

Here are a few of those lies, which will go unnoticed by his supporters because they do not even know they are being lied to:

  • Implying President Trump supported Neo-Nazis at the Charlottesville riots in 2017 by saying there were very fine people on both sides. While not politically correct, it is true that most of the people at the rally were not racists, and Trump never supported any such people, not then, not ever.
  • Accusing President Trump of cozying up to dictators, ostensibly inferring to President Vladimir Putin most of all as he lumped this with the claim that the President did nothing about Russian agencies putting bounties on the heads of American soldiers, asking Taliban fighters to kill them for bounty. This story is unverified intelligence and to date has never been verified. I also covered this matter using my own high-ranking sources in Russia who noted, rather remarkably, that the presence of American troops in Afghanistan is actually helpful to Russia in that the drug trade out of that country is hampered, helping Russia deal with its own efforts to eliminate narcotics from their own nation.
  • Blaming the President for the 170,000 COVID-19 deaths and the five million infected in the US. It would have made some sense had Joe Biden actually proposed a different action to deal with the virus than those he talked about because almost every specific he said about policy on this was what President Trump has already done. The only “new” idea is a national “wear a mask” mandate for some period of time, and then painting it as “patriotic.” Perhaps it is just me, but I find the notion that we are supposed to isolate from each other and wear masks to be offensive. It gets much worse when we start talking about the church closures, as I have in other pieces.

There were other huge problems with the speech. Oddly, the main thrust of most of the speech was Joe basically promising to do the same things that President Trump has already accomplished. However, Joe’s methodology was muddy, not specific, just a bunch of promises. We knew what President Trump was going to do very specifically – the judicial picks, the committment to get rid of two rules for every new bureaucratic rule made in federal agencies; the decision to take us out of the Paris Accords and the JCPoA (Iran deal).

President Trump has been a the Mess-Maker in Chief, so to speak, in that he has been going from one end of the DC establishment to the other, breaking things and pissing people off. The MSM is quick to identify this every time he does it.

What they always miss, and what Trump supporters know, is that this is precisely the job that we as Trump supporters voted him into office TO do. Breaking the machine means there are broken things laying everywhere, mostly whiny bureaucrats and politicians who are dedicated to their own power.

The Democrats are trying to destroy the nation through their tacit and active support of the rioters (shown also in great detail in Tucker’s video, but denied existence by people like Rep. Jerrold Nadler and ignored in full by Joe Biden himself).

To finish, it seems necessary to say this about the Bidens themselves: this candidacy (and presidency, should it happen) is abusive to Mr. Biden and his wife, Jill. I find it very difficult to believe that they honestly comprehend that their own party condones the rioting and anarchy that we see on our TV screens every day. I think these two are like many other Democrats in the nation, thinking that their party cannot possibly be that radical. But actions speak louder than words, and the fact that these riots carry on in Democrat led cities (and not Republican ones) speaks volumes.

And the Bidens are being used. I pray they do not know it, because if they do, this is about the worst kind of deception anyone could ever pull on a nation.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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August 22, 2020

I watched the entire speech and Joe Biden is off with the pixies. I don’t know what they gave him but it was definitely not a strong enough dose.

August 22, 2020

Just to note: the DNC had a long LONG time to tape and edit and retape and reedit this speech. Wonder if we’ll ever find out how long it took for Joe’s handlers to put that tape together… and what Joe was on …

John Ellis
August 23, 2020

We know for an absolute that Trump will win, as the rich ruling elite of the Democrat Party are doing their very best to loose.

Hawaii guy
Hawaii guy
August 23, 2020

Like jello Biafra sang, kill, kill, kill kill kill the dems…

August 23, 2020

Bidens speech made use of “deep fake” technology. Watch his mouth area closely, and at right around the 6:50 mark there’s several glitches.
Deep fake technology is very real and you can be certain that it was used with Biden. The proof will be that there will definitely be NO debates.

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