A Simple Explanation of The Migrant Issue In Britain [ExtraTime with Alexander Mercouris]

Today’s post by Alex Christoforou, “This Surprising Map Shows The Most Common Country Of Origin For EU Migrants”, and the map that accompanies the piece doesn’t surprise me at all.


This map makes total sense.

By the way the migration issue in Britain is misunderstood. Whilst there is a certain amount of jealousy of east European migrants – who tend to be young, hard working, well educated and therefore strong competitors on the job market – Britain has successfully absorbed larger numbers of immigrants from the former empire in the past who were culturally much more distant.

As for the refugee flood, it simply hasn’t been very big so far.

Immigration was important in the Brexit referendum because it crystallised the question of control. When people in Britain saw Merkel stand up and invite Syrian refugees into Europe it brought home to them the extent to which control had been lost.

What do you think?

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