‘Islamophobia is a Scam and a Way to Keep the Public off Balance’

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What role does the media play in favor of political and military hegemony of the United States?

The media is a huge part of US hegemony.  It is very much a four legged table. The US dollar provides the economic “tie in” to the system run and controlled by America.  The IMF is the main creator of state debts. NATO is the muscle if any country dares get out of line or fails to pay those debt…and the US run media is what keeps the public subdued and in line, while placing immense pressure on governments to do as told, or else the court of public opinion will essentially demonize them.

Let’s also not forget that the media is what convinces the American public to support the wars that the US and NATO engaged in, in order to collect on the debts that they, themselves impose on smaller nations. Of course the media never phrases the reason for the US wars in this fashion. They prefer a much more Hollywood like “bad guy vs. good guy” narrative to convince the public of the need for war.

How do you analyze the influence of Washington in the media?

Washington controls the media in so much as the corporations that own and fund the media control Washington. Let me explain.

Large corporations own about 95% of all the media information and distribution in the US. Those corporations donate heavily to US politicians for obvious purposes. The companies running the media place pressure on Washington to do as they are instructed and so the media and the government work in lock step to push the same propaganda out to the public.

The point is that Washington does not own the media in the way we think. Large corporations own large media…the same large corporations that fully own Washington, and so you have one common agenda being played out…that is the good of the establishment, 1%, not the truth, or the good of the people.

How does the Western media flame Isamophobia?

Well the establishment needs fear to prosper, and right now there is nothing scarier for the western media narrative than Islam. So what you have a classic good cop bad cop scenario that is delivered to the masses in the west. On the one hand you have Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, always publicly stating that Islam is a religion of peace, then you have these very same people waging destructive wars and interventions against Islamic nations. The media then chimes in to say Islam is a religion of peace…but we need to fight Islam in order to spread our “democratic” neo-liberal values. It’s smoke and mirrors. When I hear the US media, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton discuss Islam with admiration and acceptance, I cringe at the hypocrisy because this current US government has brought utter chaos to so much of the Middle East senseless chaos and death. Who can ever forget Libya and Syria…what Bush and Blair did to Iraq. Islamophobia is a scam…a way to to keep the public off balance. For the Western Media Islam is a religion of peace and at the same time they convince people to be afraid of Islam…it’s all about confusion…the fog of war…or in the case the fog of information war.

Is the media responsible for the current wave of Islamophobia in the Western countries? How so?

They are indirectly responsible, but more of the responsibility falls with the US and EU policies in the region, that fuel the phobia. It’s a perfect feedback loop. The US and its European vassal states wage perpetual war, only to have various forms of blowback wash on their shores, for which the US and its vassals wage more war and interventions. The cycle never ends because the government and media do not want it to end….it’s good business, especially for the military industrial complex. The media plays the role of nudging the public along to support the next “color revolution” or “democracy building” adventure that the establishment has conjured up. The results are always disastrous, and the blowback last for years if not decades. Look at Iraq…we are still feeling its consequences 15 years after the fact. No one discusses the false pretenses of that war. The Chilcot report released yesterday said the entire Tony Blair invasion of Iraq was based on lies. Great, but it took 15 years to conclude this? The New York Times was foaming at the mouth for the US to remove Saddam and invade Iraq. Was anyone at the NYT fired, reprimanded, put on trial?

What goals does The Duran want to achieve? What gaps does it fill?

The Duran is a unique publication. We are not main stream media, but we are not “alternative media” like so many sites brand themselves to be today. We cover main stream news stories, with a different angle that readers will not be able to find anywhere else. The Duran’s narrative is very honest, and we treat our readers like thinking adults, with original work meant to open up the debate and conversation, not stifle and scare readers. It’s a very smart site, and the work we produce is likewise smart and thought provoking….with light touches of fun articles every now and then. We are a team of very professional, experienced journalists, analysts, and writers. We really have a top notch group working on original, thought provoking content. And while we cover main stream news stories, we provide a fresh and new look at what may be going on behind the curtain.


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