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Should We Believe All Women? Ask Jack Rebolledo! (Part 2)

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Now here’s the rub, Shelly’s big mistake was faking her injuries and reporting the crime at once. What she should have done was wait six months or a year before reporting it. During that time she could have worked on her son, and drip fed lies to her circle of friends – as did false rape accuser Rhiannon Brooker.

Then when asked why she hadn’t reported the crime at once, heck Barbara Ziv will explain why. Now does anyone not see why these purportedly delayed reports of rape and sexual assault should not be entertained? Regarding Joe Biden’s accuser, this is said to have caused a split in the #MeToo Movement. Biden has been in the forefront of male feminists calling for women to be “believed”, so perhaps that fracture is understandable, though one person who is having none of it is talking head Krystal Ball. Yes, that really is her name; her father is a physicist who has an interest in crystals And a sense of humour. According to Ball, the fact that Tara Reade’s story began as a tale of sexual harassment and decades later morphed into one of what in some jurisdictions is charged as rape is a case of “phased” disclosure”. No, Krystal,  phased disclosure is when a serial killer confesses to further crimes and leads the police to the bodies. What Tara Reade did is embellishment or outright lying.

Another Biden defender, or perhaps that should be Reade detractor, is the spiteful feminist Amanda Marcotte. Writing for Salon, Marcotte drags in Vladimir Putin, about whom Reade has written glowingly. Reade’s admiration for the charismatic Russian leader is understandable; extreme alpha males are a magnet for all sorts of female admirers, most of whom they would do well to steer clear of, as Bill Clinton discovered to his cost.

It is though probably not politics but a sense of unease that has made Marcotte refuse to believe this woman. These kind of witch-hunts were not intended for Democrats. Like Jessica Valenti, the man-hating Marcotte is married, and, to paraphrase Heinrich Himmler: “And then they all come along, the hundred million American women, and each one has her own decent man. Of course the others are swine, but this one is a first-class man. ”

In short, what if #MeToo really gets out of hand and some demented or simply malicious female accuses her husband of rape in the distant past, at college, perhaps? After all, why would a woman lie? If you don’t know the answer, here it is again from a medical journal published a century ago:

“Sex is woman’s strongest weapon. She uses it as a weapon of defence and offence. She uses it to attract and to repel, to reward, and to punish. When intent upon punishment, she is utterly without scruples, and there is no vileness, no falsehood, at which she will draw the line.”

And that’s before we mention alcohol or madness. So the #MeTooing of Joe Biden isn’t going anywhere, but realistically neither is Joe, at least not to the White House. He is clearly senile or half-senile, and according to one vlogger, is shortly to be replaced by Hillary Clinton. Whatever that outcome, what about Jack Rebolledo and his false accuser?

A false allegation of that nature, made with malicious intent, faking evidence, and directed against a named individual, warrants serious prison time. Alas, serious prison time is seldom handed down to false rape accusers. A sentence of more than three years is quite exceptional, and usually it is much less than that.

Initially, the authorities refused to prosecute Shelly Korous, but backed down under public pressure. However, the latest news from Jack is that the man now in charge of the case called him and said that like Korous, his own wife is a nurse and he knows how devastating a criminal conviction can be on a career. He went on to say Korous could be suspended or even have her license revoked if she’s convicted, so he intends to dismiss the felonies now if she pleas to a simple misdemeanor which they can dismiss after one year assuming she is not arrested again during that time.

In the UK, a nurse would be struck off the register for much less, but as usual there is one set of rules for the female of the species and another set for men. Sadly, there is no sign of this #MeToo madness abating; if anything it will get worse, but hopefully Joe Biden won’t be the only leading Democrat who is called out in this fashion, although it may take an allegation of gang-rape against Pete Buttigieg, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper for the penny to finally drop.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Helen B
April 10, 2020

The Dark Man. No name. Interesting. Dark. Yes, some people lie. That’s not reserved to women … But many more women NEVER report their sexual harassment or their rape. 1 because it’s too traumatic to relive 2 because they know that any trial that ensues will mean their entire life displayed and the inference that “she asked for it” pushed by the defence 3 the desire, especially in the era of liberation, not to appear weak and trusting 4 the effect it will have going forward on her business life and reputation, and her family; this is especially true if… Read more »

J Rebel
J Rebel
Reply to  Helen B
April 13, 2020

Victims of sexual assault deserve justice and those that hurt people in this vike way deserve severe punishment.
But its harder to hold evil people accountable when some people unquestionably lie knowing the upside is they can destroy another person and maybe get “pity”. While there is no real downside. Prosecute False Accusers that are caught using the system.

Jonathan Bethune
Jonathan Bethune
April 11, 2020

I got pretty deep into the world of sin and came away not a little bit jaded. Took me a long time to bring my persectives back to normality. The things we do to each other in the world of vice is a trauma for one and a failure of the other. There is no win when you seek a pleasure at the expense of another. Over time it makes you subhuman desensitized and numb. Which was actually the point of my exercise . To render myself an immunity to the base of our natures and it worked , for… Read more »

Jonathan Bethune
Jonathan Bethune
April 11, 2020

I actually meant ” individual ” citizen. To be a sovereign citizen is something else entirely. An attempt at another form of emancipation:)

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