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Shaun Attwood Interviews Fantasist Wilfred Wong (Part 2)

False allegations of this nature have consequences for real people, something Wong doesn’t seem to understand and Shaun doesn’t care about. Watching the hangout in the live chat was a viewer called Samantha Baldwin, presumably “the” Samantha Baldwin.  When she split up with David Madge, this toxic female accused him of sexually abusing their two young sons, a tactic known as parental alienation syndrome in one of its many forms. When the police concluded these allegations were false, and the custody proceedings were going against her, Baldwin kidnapped the boys and ran off, (see above picture). Although he doesn’t name her, Wong says Baldwin was telling the truth, and for good measure throws in a canard about the Family Court judge, whom, he says, had sexually abused a teenage girl along with Baldwin’s ex.

Personal involvement aside, the judge was obviously sympathetic to paedophiles. This is the same judge who last year sentenced former social worker Dean Gathercole to nineteen years in prison for sex crimes, crimes which being historical in nature may likewise not have happened.

As proof of the specific Satanic nature of sex crimes, Wong mentions one of the cases alluded to on his website. Jack Kemp and Peter Petrauske received heavy sentences following their December 2012 convictions at Truro Crown Court. But a) was this Satanic ritual abuse, and b) should they have been convicted anyway? The SAFF published a fuller report on this case. Indeed, as with almost all cases of this nature, when examined in more detail they reveal at worst appalling crimes in which Satanism plays a very minor part if any.

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Charles Soper
November 19, 2020

Reads more like tendentious carping than proper journalism.

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