“Shame” (“Shame”). Participants at Maidan remembrance event boo Ukraine’s US puppet President Poroshenko

Dead man walking???

Via Fort Russ blog…

The guy just can’t get any respect. For a president who is, well, presiding over an economic miracle, a victorious military campaign, and national reconciliation, and who moreover had led his country into the European Union which is now showering its new member-state with tens of billions of euros, he really ought to be more appreciated by his people.

This spontaneous show of appreciation took place when Poroshenko was (allegedly) paying his (alleged) respects to the memory of people who (actually) died, quite possibly at the hands of his own political allies and their armed goons. Poroshenko starts out with “Glory to Ukraine,” the military detail that’s just off camera responds, and then the public puts in its two hryvnya (which is devaluing rapidly, so the sooner you put them in the better).

As a side note, given Poroshenko’s unpopularity, one has to wonder who might be waiting in the wings, hoping to take his place…

Actually, I’ll go further than that. How do we know they are not already running the show behind the scenes? Given how shrill and hysterical Poroshenko has been of late (what with the LPR/DPR gas cut-off, the accusation that a close Putin advisor Surkov personally commanded the Maidan snipers, or his desire to see Yanukovych “burn in hell”, to name only a few recent Poroshenko gems?), it’s possible he is now only a scared figurehead.


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