Get ready for more sanctions…John Kerry working with EU ‘partners’ to keep ‘pressuring’ Russia

Just so everyone understands the western ‘excpetional’ logic at play from Obama’s cracker jack team of foreign policy hipsters, and their EU poodle dog vassal states.

The US and EU are set to impose more sanctions against Russia, because of…

  • A Russian invasion that no one can seem to prove. Let’s say that again…an invasion in the 21st century, of another country that no one can show proof of!
  • The incredible restraint Russia has shown by not engaging militarily, even though a hostile neo-nazi government bombs ethnic Russian civilian neighborhoods under US/EU orders, and with American/NATO weapons.

Oh and 600 US soldiers will be on the ground in Ukraine next month as well. Another reason to sanction Russia I guess.

Sputnik News Agency reports John Kerry as saying…

“We are talking about additional sanctions, about additional efforts [to pressure Russia],” the US diplomat said ahead of his meeting with UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in London.

On Friday, US State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters that the Ukrainian conflict will dominate Kerry’s talks with Hammond.

“I’m confident over the next days people will make it clear that we are not going to play this game [of listening to Russia]… and be part of this kind of extraordinarily craven behavior,” Kerry said.


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February 22, 2015

Kerry and the rest of the psychopathic US elites: stupid as rocks and as dangerous as the plague.

“Shame” (“Shame”). Participants at Maidan remembrance event boo Ukraine’s US puppet President Poroshenko

Always follow the money. This short film explains the US/EU motivations for the Ukraine coup d’etat