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Senate to release Biden Report on Joe & Hunter Ukraine quid pro quo, days before debate.

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Hawaii guy
Hawaii guy
September 23, 2020

Tofflers book Future Shock is probably the most prescient book ever written on societies direction over two generations.

September 24, 2020

From what I’ve seen and read Joe Biden behaved like some kind of Roman proconsul whilst Ukraine,with dictates to quash investigations into certain alleged corruption,that Biden’s son was given a job on a energy company with a fat salary that he was Not qualified for “allegedly”, probably if a journalist did mention these issues they to perhaps be labeled with the moniker of being a dog faced pony soldier..The problem is professional politicians,who back in the day would at least wait till they have left politics to get on the gravy train on biscuit wheels,now they become millionaires whilst in… Read more »

Bill Clinton & Ghislaine Maxwell had secret LA dinner in 2014

Romney ready to vote on Trump’s Supreme Court Pick