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Bill Clinton & Ghislaine Maxwell had secret LA dinner in 2014

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Revealed: Bill Clinton’s Intimate Secret Dinner With Ghislaine Maxwell.

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H Worsley
H Worsley
September 23, 2020

Hi Alex, sorry to put this on here as it’s unrelated, but if anyone has lost faith in Barr listen to his Hillsdale College speech on the 21st Sept. He outlines exactly where he’s up to in regard to prosecuting people. Alexander may love to do a section on this speech, there’s a lot in it that he can really get his teeth into. Sorry again, I don’t know how else to leave a message.

September 23, 2020

I am confused by this “secret” dinner!Does it mean that all his other dinners were publicly announced?

September 24, 2020

It all looks terribly suspicious,but is this whole unsavoury case actually going to reach any satisfactory conclusion,the people who are being accused are extremely powerful influential people,in this world there are a few who are untouchable,i really can’t see those women who say they were abused in their teens getting the justice they seek..

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