School teacher compensated $12,500 after his ex-wife accused him of domestic abuse on Facebook

Here is a case of justice done, and done well!

Via Sputnik News Agency:

A teacher from Bunbury, West Australia sued his former wife for defamation over a Facebook post that said she was the victim of domestic violence; a Perth court awarded the man $12,500 after his ex-partner was unable to prove her statement, the Guardian reports.

Robyn Greeuw accused her ex-husband Miro Dabrowski of years of domestic abuse in a Facebook post from December 2012. The post said “separated from Miro Dabrowski after 18 years of suffering domestic violence and abuse”, Sydney Morning Herald said.

When Dabrowski saw the post, he contacted his lawyer, who in turn wrote a letter to Greeuw. The ex-wife promptly removed her post and said her computer had been hacked into, the Guardian said.

The pair married back in 1992, but their relationship ended on March 2, 2012 when the police served Dabrowski with an interim violence restraining order from Greewu. Dabrowski denied that he was ever abusive, the Guardian reported.

Later during the trial, Greeuw, who did not have legal representation, tried to defend her case by arguing that her post was true. However, West Australian District Court Judge Michael Bowden ruled out in favor of Dabrowski, saying Greeuw did not provide evidence to prove her post was true, Sydney Morning Herald said.

These types of accusations, especially when announced on something like Facebook, without legal footing, can damage a person’s entire life.

Posting something as serious as domestic abuse claims on social media is extremely irresponsible.

This is not a subject that should show up on people’s timelines, above baby pictures and under where you ate last night. The fact that this women turned to something as silly as Facebook to lay down such serious accusations against her former husband is reason enough to doubt her accusation, and chalk it up to attention whoring.


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