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Saudi regime claims to have captured 3 Iranians

The Saudi regime has stepped up its propaganda war against Iran by issuing a statement implying that members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were captured in Saudi waters near a Saudi off-shore oil rig.

The statement reads,

“On Friday, 16th June, three small boats, bearing red and white flags, entered the Saudi territorial waters in the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf). They headed at speed towards platforms of Saudi oil field of Marjan. Immediately, the Saudi naval forces fired warning shots, but the boats did not respond”.

Sources from the Saudi regime further claim that the Iranians had a stash of weapons on board.

Iran has dismissed the claims as bogus claiming that the three men in question were civilian fishermen who are being harassed by Saudi Arabia.

Iranian General Ramazan Sharif has responded to the claims saying,

“Obviously and clearly, some reactionary countries of the region, especially Saudi Arabia, had announced that they are trying to bring insecurity into Iran”.

This comes after reports from the weekend that Saudi Arabia killed an Iranian fisherman on a small boat in the Persian Gulf.

Majid Aqa Babaei, the Director General for Border Affairs at Iran’s Interior Ministry has stated,

“This Saudi move is not compatible with human principles and even assuming that the boats had crossed Saudi borders due to sea waves, they were not authorised to shoot at the Iranian boats”.

He continued,

“This move by the Saudis was incompatible with human and maritime principles”.

Based on recent events, the Iranian statements would appear to be vastly more reliable than those from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is among the most historically dishonest and nontransparent regimes in the world.

The incident in question would appear to be a clear case of disproportional harassment of Iranian civilians by the forces of the Saudi regime in an attempt to continue to provoke Iran into a war that Iran does not want but could easily win. Iran’s military is among the finest in the region. Saudi Arabia’s armed forces are expensively armed but notoriously poorly trained and undisciplined.

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