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SAUDI ROULETTE: Mohammed bin Salman named crown prince

King Salman, the leader of the Saudi regime has changed the succession to the throne bypassing now former Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef in favour of newly appointed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Salman is widely seen as the man responsible for Saudi’s increasingly radical and destabilising foreign policy moves including the Saudi war on Yemen and the increased covert funding to Salafist terror groups. Many also claim that he is the architect of the current boycott of fellow Gulf Cooperation Council member state Qatar.

Mohammed bin Nayef has simultaneously been stripped of his position as interior minister while Salman will retain his role as Saudi Defence Minister.

The radical 31 year old Salman’s new position will do little to ease tensions in the region.

The Saudi regime maintains that Iranian Revolutionary Guards were planning an attack on the Wahhabi Kingdom when they were captured near an off-shore Saudi oil rig in the Persian Gulf.

Iran maintains that the Iranian men were civilian fisherman, one of which was killed by Saudi forces.

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Press TV has additionally reported that sources close to the Saudi regime indicate that King Salman may abdicate the throne, leaving power to Mohammed bin Salman.

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