Retreat won’t sell to the Russian public

The increasingly failed liberal opposition party Yabloko has unveiled its main campaign pledge in preparation for the 2018 Russian Presidential elections.

Grigory Yavlinskiy who twice failed to become Russian President in 1996 and 2000 is once again attempting to enter the race after having failed to do so in the 2012 due to a lack of legitimate signatures from members of the public, a requisite for entering the race as a non-leader of a major Duma faction or an incumbent.

His latest campaign policy is unlikely to win him any further support. He wants Russia to stop aiding Syria’s fight against terrorism because of the perceived costs of maintaining a military presence in the country.

What Yavlinskiy may not be aware of is that Russia is fighting terrorism in Syria with the full weight of international law behind the fight. Russia is fighting at the request of her Syrian partners who asked for Russia’s military aid during a time of crisis.

It is through this aid that Syria is now marching closer to victory, having cleared many areas of terrorists with assistance from Russia, most notably in East Aleppo.

In many ways, Yavlinskiy’s entire ‘let’s not fight ISIS’ campaign may hit a brick wall as at the rate Syria and her allies are making gains against terrorist groups like ISIS, by the time the 2018 Russian Presidential election is held, Russia may have secured a full victory against terrorism in Syria, long before Yavlinskiy would even have the ability to call for a retreat.

Russia did not retreat against Polish occupiers in 1612, it did not retreat in the face of the Napoleonic menace in 1812. Russia likewise did not abandon her Orthodox Christian allies in the Balkans by capitulating to Turkey in 1878 and Russian power was the primary reason that Hitler was defeated on the 9th of May in 1945.

Russia is not about to surrender to ISIS which is what abandoning Syria in her hour of need would be. This is one of the many reasons that the next Russian President will almost certainly not be Grigory Yavlinskiy

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Dominic Blais
Dominic Blais
June 14, 2017

sure as fuck sounds like a neoliberal party to me real liberals wanna deport all conservatives and neoliberals to saudi arabia for supporting daesh

July 8, 2017

Russia’s supporting role in Syria is one of the best, most justified roles in defense of political sanity the world has ever seen. If there ever was a case for good versus bad with Russia and Syria being the Good Guys and the psychopathic terrorists (together with their supporters) opposing them the Bad Guys, this is it.

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