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Megyn Kelly now on the receiving end of liberal hatred

Last year, former Fox News host and current NBC presenter Megyn Kelly became the darling of the anti-Trump movement in the United States.

After badgering Trump during a Republican primary debate which she co-moderated, she became the darling of the anti-Trump liberal mainstream media in the United States. This eventually led her to being fired from the pro-Republican Fox News. She then landed a job at the broadly liberal NBC news.

Weeks ago she hosted a Q & A session at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum which featured Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Moldovan President Igor Dodon and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.

Kelly predictably tried to challenge Putin in particular on the mainstream media talking points about ‘Russian hacking’. The same trend continued in a later interview she conducted with the Russian President which later aired on NBC in the US.

Because Vladimir Putin is the President of a super-power, it would be difficult for the Putin hating American left to lambaste Kelly for interviewing him, so they instead focused on her next interviewee, Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is the popular founder and lead commentator for InfoWars, a successful alt-media venture who have recently been granted White House Press Credentials by the Trump administration.

Kelly recently interviewed Alex Jones and the uproar has surprised even Kelly.

Alex Jones is a figured loved by some and hated by others. There’s generally a word for such a person: successful.

For too long, mainstream media have ignored popular figures who don’t follow their ideological agenda in spite of the fact that millions of people follow their work. Megyn Kelly, in this instance ought to be commended for standing by her position to interview Jones, even though she may well not have a positive view on Jones. People are allowed their opinions but a media outlet that aims to be taken seriously, can not achieve this if they ignore figures of prominence.

It has been reported that J.P. Morgan Chase have pulled ads from NBC over the interview.

What is it that people are so afraid of?

If Kelly’s interview with Putin is any indication, Kelly will not be interviewing Jones as a member of the InfoWars fan club.

Once again, liberals cannot even stand an interview from an opposition viewpoint with a character they disagree with. Their solution is to ignore, defame and traduce rather than to listen to and debate with those they disagree with.

Megyn Kelly has been bitten by the censoring agitprop liberal hand that once fed her.

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