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BRITAIN ON FIRE: 6 dead, opposition activists call for May’s resignation

Multiple casualties have been reported after high-rise housing for the poor is gutted by flame near central London. Such incidents have become increasingly typical as the once powerful regime of British leader Theresa May refuses to step aside amid growing calls from opposition leaders for peaceful regime change.

The Kensington region in Britain’s capital, is known for a vast disparity in wealth which has galvanised local rebels who support the opposition.

In an deeply contested election, Kensington’s seat in the national government recently fell into opposition hands while local regime elite still rule the council.

This political deadlock comes as the regime has cut fire-fighting services throughout the capital, something which opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn says has effected the poor most harshly. Opposition leaders have warned of cuts to local fire services for years, but these calls have all fallen on the deaf ears of the regime.

Opposition supporters have taken to social media to express their outrage at state-run British broadcaster BBC for refusing to air their side of the story. The state-run outlet remains pro-regime in spite of the deepening political turmoil which has seen hundreds take to the streets throughout Britain to protest the ruling faction.

Many have pointed out that the state-broadcaster has refused to air stories of how May’s former associate Peter Lilley has become a powerful oligarch who owns a privatised vote counting company. This is just another example of how British democracy has declined since the hopeful 1990s.

Under the corrupt Tory regime, a mafia mentality has transpired among rich property developing oligarchs. These oligarchs often  build massive projects which remain un-costed. However, the regime has been eager to green-light such devastating projects in return for financial favours, all the while oligarchs conspire to buy more and more property throughout the country.

One such instance was the demolition of the 1930s era Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre and nearby social housing which then local strongman Boris Johnson pushed through without any consideration for views of opposition leaders and local activists. Johnson was rewarded for his loyalty by the ruling regime by being elevated to the position of Foreign Secretary. He is now in charge of Britain’s foreign policy, something which has worried many observers from the international community.

Since taking power, Johnson has increased arms sales to Saudi Arabia who continue to oppress Yemeni Houthi rebels.

The oligarchs behind the project, operating a company called CAPCO have now run out of money leaving the once beloved exhibition centre reduced to an empty plot of land near central London.

Many fear that as has been seen throughout the world, regime supporting oligarchs have become dismayed at opposition gains in the Kensington region and moved to illegally burn down the now gutted Grenfell tower to make way for further lucrative property developments for their cronies.

Green spaces next to the tower have all ready been redeveloped in spite of protest from local activists.

Local activist Alex Nalmier spoke exclusively with The Duran and said,

“We are facing a struggle. The regime has no interest in protecting the housing of the poor. Some people have lived here for thirty years and now they are left with nothing. The cuts to local services have caused a crisis that the United Nations has condemned as a violation of human rights”.

Nalmier who has several times been arrested for leading democratic protests against the ruling regime is worried that the international community has remained largely silent over the United Nations condemnation of Britain’s poor human rights record.

The Duran also spoke with an activist Peter MacOshenko of the Scottish National Party about events in neighbouring England,

“It is clear that the regime in London is not interested in adopting European values. They are trying to drag us deeper into their war with Europe and the total rejection of the values this represents. The result is people dying because they live in opposition controlled territory.

We hope that our friends in Europe will help us in the wider struggle”.

Scotland recently voted to remain in the European Union while the English majority voted to pursue relations outside of the EU.

Many have accused the May regime of seeking to revive the British Empire which collapsed after the Second World War.

One is witnessing a new reality of a British regime which pursues imperial ambitions abroad, including in Iraq, Libya, the former  Yugoslavia and Syria, while it is unable to protect its poorest in one of its major cities.

All of this is happening as the current political crisis deepens and protests grow louder for the British leader to step now and allow a transitional government to take power until new elections can be held under international supervision.

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