In 1 week, Russian air force sends over 1,250 Syrian terror targets to kingdom come

The Russian ministry of defense claimed an enormously successful week in Syria, pounding terrorist remnants in the country

(RIA Novosti Рtranslated by RussiaFeed) РAccording to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Russian air forces in Syria destroyed more than 1,250 targets of international terrorist groups this week.

According to a weekly report, Russian military aircraft in Syria carried out more than 500 sorties.
The Ministry of Defense reported that about 45 thousand explosive items were neutralized. According to the statistics, remotely piloted vehicles took more than 300 flights and discovered 432 militant targets.

In March 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to withdraw most Russian air forces in connection with the successful fulfillment of the objectives. At the same time, Russia has not renounced its obligations to supply arms and military equipment to the Syrian government and train military specialists. The Khmeimim air base and the Navy logistics center in Tartus are still operating. In addition, there is a Russian reconciliation center in Syria.

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