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UK pays Iran $520 million

UK pays Iran $520 million

In 1976, the UK agreed to sell Iran 1,750 Cheiftan tanks. However, as of today, only 185 tanks were ever delivered. Britain refused to honour its previous commitments with Tehran after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Today, London agreed to pay the outstanding debt of $520 million after years of failing to do so. However, far from a gesture of good will, Britain seems to be attempting to compensate for its own lack of diplomatic tact when it comes to the matter of an Iranian born UK national called Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

Last year, Zaghari was arrested in Iran and charged with conspiring to overthrow the Iranian government.

The UK’s official line was that Zaghari was merely in Iran to visit family members. However, when UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson stated in public that Zaghari was actually in Iran to “train journalists”, Iran added time to her sentence.

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Zaghari, a member of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, an NGO which promotes a western political agenda, has become the subject of an internal political crisis in London with international repercussions.

With the UK paying back its outstanding debt to Iran, many suspect London will attempt to secure Zaghari’s release, although the results of such presumed negotiations are not yet known.

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