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Russian journalist kidnapped in Kiev

Anna Kurbatova of Russia’s Channel One is being illegally detained by regime forces.

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Anna Kurbatova has not been heard from since she was kidnapped in the streets of Kiev less than 24 hours ago. Kurbatova is a reporter from Russia’s largest broadcaster Channel One.

Channel One released the following statement about the kidnapping,

“Anna Kurbatova is kidnapped in the centre of Kiev and we can not contact her. Our colleague was abducted by unknown people near her house, put in a car and taken away. According to our information, the officers of the [Ukrainian] Security Service detained Anna Kurbatova”.

Ukraine has become an increasingly dangerous place for international journalists. In 2014, British journalist Graham Phillips was abducted by the Ukrainian SBU while covering the Kiev regime’s war on Donbass. After being held in dangerous conditions he had his possessions stolen and was thrown out of the country. A fellow journalist who was abducted at the same time as Phillips, a man called Vadim Aksyonov was savagely beaten by forces loyal to the Kiev regime.

Other journalists in Kiev have been kidnapped and murdered in the years since the 2014 fascist coup with many of the deaths related to an ISIS style website called Mirotvorets which names journalists who are considered enemies of the regime.

As I wrote in February, in The Duran

“The current fascist regime in Kiev has implemented similar techniques. This time they are using the internet to encourage violence and terrorism. A hateful website called Mirotvorets has been operating in Ukraine since 2014.

The website seeks to list ‘enemies of Ukraine’ which in reality means anyone who opposes the fascist regime.  The website is directly linked to the assassinations of former Rada member representing the no defunct Party of regions, Oleg Kalashnikov.

The website is also blamed for the killing of writer Oles Buzina in 2015. Both individuals had their full private addresses published on the website shortly before they were assassinated.

In addition to listing the names and personal details of individuals considered to be enemies of the fascist regime, the website if filled with racist images and threatening posts about Russian people, in addition to blasphemous tirades against the Russian Orthodox Church and its followers.

Mirotvorets is the neo-Nazi equivalent of the various ISIS propaganda websites that continue to blight the internet. Filled with images glorying death, blaspheming religious people, naming targets for assassinations and calming to be a kind of righteous death cult, apart from the language of the website, there is no discernible difference with those which seek to promote the ISIS agenda.

Unlike ISIS websites which western leaders often pay lip service towards condemning, almost nothing from European and North American leaders has been said about Mirotvorets.

This website, which I refuse to link due to its vile and dangerous content, must be shut down. It is not a matter of free speech but of public safety. It is nothing but a hit-list designed to radicalise people living in Ukraine. It is an unambiguous glorification of terrorism.

Something must be said and something must be done. Just where is the so-called ‘international community’?”

Based on the precedent of the Ukrainian regime and its supporters murdering and torturing journalists, Anna Kurbatova’s life could be in danger.

Russia is attempting to solve the crisis through diplomatic channels, but if this does not work, it would be appropriate to send an FBS contingent to Kiev to rescue the kidnapped civilian.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Ukrainian regime has stated that Anna Kubatova is being detained by state actors and will be summarily deported to Russia.

Kubatova’s condition remains unknown.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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August 30, 2017

Standard operating procedure for the US imposed Fascist Mob in KIev

Using the tactics taught them by War Criminals McCain and Nuland

Proceedings should be brought against this Mob in Kiev before the International Criminal Court

August 30, 2017

Needless to say, international journalist organisations and the western fascist regimes will have absolutely nothing to say about this. She could have been kidnapped on the orders of the American Governor in Kiev for all we know.

US has, apart from bumping off and “heart attacked” 7 Russian officials so far, also a nasty habit of kidnapping Russians from all over the globe, kept under torture and maltreatment in their dungeons.

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