Russia’s parliament wants to know who made missile that shot down pilot in Syria

Syrian special forces are hard at work discovering who supplied the terrorists, according to a report made in the Russian Duma

Syrian Special Forces are operating in the vicinity of where the Russian pilot was tragically shot down and died fighting, and the Russian Duma is eagerly awaiting their report, according to RIA Novosti. Russia wants to know any information she can, about the MANPAD that shot down her pilot. It’s no secret that ISIS-like organizations don’t have their own R&D factories, high tech equipment has to be supplied ultimately from state sources.

“And if the elements of this MANPAD are found then in the next few days, we will know where this MANPADS came from, in what factory it was made, and how it was delivered to Syria,” said Viktor Vodolacki, MP from United Russia

Translation from diplomat-speak into English: “Hey…dear partners who supply the moderate decapitators. Our friends are fast at work piecing together all the evidence of what happened. That means we will eventually find out what type of missile it was. By that, we will determine where it was made, and then, this is where our little game will become interactive. So far…big shocker…it looks like the barbarians didn’t make it themselves out of fertilizer. Once we find out where it came from, then YOU get to tell US, how it got into terrorist hands.

The Russian Foreign Ministry will likely have an interesting discussion with the ambassador of whichever country ultimately supplied the terrorists with weapons. And this is why it’s a very bad idea to fund terrorists, because they inevitably pick on someone who can fight back, and you have to explain to a nuclear superpower why one of her pilots isn’t going home. That is a conversation that simply should never have to occur. The terrorists target Russians as well as westerners indiscriminately, and Russia has constantly stated the need to work together to destroy the threat.

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