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Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid accuses Russians of racism by showing Ukrainian fascists

Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid The Sun has run a story attempting to ‘expose’ far-right hooliganism in Russia. There’s only one problem. Their piece featured images from Ukraine.

The Sun’s online video was posted under the headline ‘Racism in Russia’ but showed the racist hooligan group White Boys Club who support the Ukrainian club Dynamo Kiev.

The racist hooligans are known for dressing up like America’s KKK and shouting hateful fascist slogans at Russians as well as non-white individuals.

In an embarrassing climb-down, The Sun later changed the headline to ‘Racism in Ukraine’.

An¬†attempt to smear Russia using fake news has in this instance metamorphosed into an accurate piece that reflects the prevalence of neo-Nazism in today’s Ukraine.

It is a truth that doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative, but it is an important truth nonetheless.

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