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Europe’s migrant crisis just got a lot worse

The Parliament of the European Union just passed into law, a piece of legislation allowing passport holders of a terrorist sponsoring state of Ukraine to travel to any and all EU states, visa free, for up to 90 days.

The Ukrainian state is responsible for terrorist assassinations in Donbass, a war of aggression which has seen the use of chemical weapons to attack unarmed civilians,, racist attacks, the fomentation of neo-Nazism and armed forces who have raped infants.

European voters are all ready on edge about the existing migrant crisis and the EU has responded by passing legislation which will exacerbate the problem many fold. The member states of the EU still need to approve the legislation but this is expected to be rubber stamped as early as next month.

Members of Ukraine’s neo-fascist Svoboda party are all ready celebrating.

Alexander Aronets of Svoboda said,

“An interesting fact. The last time Ukraine had a visa-free travel with Europe was during the Second World War”.

This is a clear reference to when parts of modern Ukraine were occupied by Hitler’s Third Reich.

When it comes to liberal visa regimes, Kiev hasn’t reciprocated the ‘European values’ Brussels seeks to bestow upon Ukraine.

Kiev is set to host this year’s Eurovision Song Contest but a notable absence will be Russia’s wheel-chair bound singer, Yulia Samoilova who has been refused entry in Ukraine because she performed at a concert in the Russian Republic of Crimea.

We’ve actually reached the absurd stage in contemporary affairs when a wheel-chair bound performer in an international music competition cannot enter a part of her former Soviet Union, yet members of neo-Nazi groups will now be able to travel freely in Europe. Is singing really now a bigger crime than engaging in violent attacks motivated by fascism?

The 2014 Odessa Massacre of anti-fascist demonstrators.
The 2014 Odessa Massacre of anti-fascist demonstrators.

Just what are European values?

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